No Palmng No Extra Gimmicks

A Realty Fine Effect

NOTE.—we supply the trick with paper coils, but routines are given for other effects.

PRICE 12/6

with 3 Coils 18/.



Illustrated by Clayton Rawson

Expert Card Technique is, without question, the finest book on advanced card technique and card magic. It teaches, in concise language, the best methods which must be learned sooner or later if one is to excel as a card entertainer. Each of the sleights and tricks is illustrated from actual poses of each move, which show clearly the exact position of the fingers and hands in manipulating the cards. The book is packed with new methods known only to the inner circie of card experts, including secret lifts, false deals, side slips, passes, palming, false cuts, false shuffles, crimps, changes, peeks, reverses and jogs. Two important additional chapters are included: one on 'Card Handling' by Dai Vernon and the other on 'The Side Steal and Some of its Finer Points' by Dr. Jacob Daley.

The authors have included a complete compendium of the shakedown sleights employed by gamblers and card sharpers. Erdnase in his excellent book, did this for another generation, but it has never been brought up to date and simplified, so that the novice at card games may be forearmed as well as forewarned. Most of these moves are now employed in card magic and here they become excellent accessories in the legitimate art of entertaining deception.

'The single great authority on advanced card technique. I know of nothing in the literature of magic which covers the subject so thoroughly and so intelligently'.—Genii: The Conjurors' Magazine.

'A textbook which should be made required study by those seeking a higher knowledge in the art of card magic . . . the best text on advanced card magic in print.'— Linking Ring Magazine.

The card man's bible—unquestionably the finest work on sleight-of-hand with cards in the English language, in fact in any language. The superb chapter on expert card handling by Dai Vernon and the chapter on side steals by Dr. Daley are out of this world'. —Magic Monthly.

Medium 8vo. With 318 illustrations in line by Clayton Rawson 42/-.

Also by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue: The Royal Road to Card Magic, 12s. 6d.

In response to popular demand, we have reprinted this book. It is the ONLY BOOK BY THIS AUTHOR ON THIS SUBJECT AND CONTAINS THE WHOLE OF HIS

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