Newspaper Tear


Since the magician's sleeve is under constant suspicion, it always pays to play up to this credence. Therefore, I never miss an opportunity of employing it deliberately while I tell them with a straight face, that I am not that kind of a magician.

My routine for the torn and restored newspaper is an illustration in point. Over a period of long usage it never failed to earn me a good hand, besides the much desired element of laughter and amazement was always there.

WHAT YOU NEED : Three issues of Tabloid size newspapers. Take the first sheet from one and lay ir on the table in front of you. See sketch 'A'. Now pleat each side four times in concertina fashion and press down the creases. Sketch 'B' is the end view showing the pleats. You will now have a folded strip about fifteen inches long and three inches wide. See sketch 'C'. Now pleat this strip again in folds of three inches. You will now have a packet of 3" x 3". Of course, it must be understood that the dimensions I quote are from the kind of newspapers I have been using in the past.

Now do the same thing with the second sheet. The prepared packet from the first sheet you slip under a somewhat loose rubber band which you place around your left arm. The rubber band should be about a couple of inches away from the wrist.

The packer which you had prepared from the second sheet is left on the table hidden behind some object. Now from the second newspaper you take out the SECOND sheet. Fold this in the same fashion as you had done the ocher two. Place this packet under the second sheet of the third newspaper. The remainder of the first two issues of newspapers you throw away. The third issue is left on the table. It is from this that you work your trick.

WORKING : Pull out the first sheet from the issue lying on the table. Tear it down the centre—place the two halves together and tear again. You continue in this fashion until you had torn the sheet SIX times This will reduce the size to about 2" x 3" or so.

Now retain the torn pieces nicely squared —don't be too particular—between the tips of thumb and first finger of right. Say "1 will merefy pass my left hand over it and you will behold a miracle". The greater your claim, the berter the sucker atmosphere you will manage to create.

However, as you say this—move the left hand across the faces of the pieces sufficiently enough to enable the packet held in the right hand to enter the left sleeve. Be it noted that the right hand must remain stationary. However, as soon as the packet enters the left sleeve, the torn pieces are left behind and the duplicate gripped between first and second finger tips. The left moves back and what you now hold in the right hand would be the good folded sheet.

While this action is by no means conducive to clean conjuring yet at the same time it certainly does not suggest as an act of deliberation to trip them. It merely conveys the impression that you were not, perhaps, quick enough that time and were caught. This becomes a natural lead on for the repeat later. However, you appear totally oblivious to the agiration and snigger that your action will incite and begin to open out the good sheet. Show it on both sides and toss out in front. As you bend to take your bow you straighten the left arm and the pieces wili start to fall out from your sleeve. Is your face RED!

You now try to save your face. If it had not been for that accident you would have got away with it but you must now admit that you did use your sleeve. You now take off your coat and fay it on a chair. You are about to teach them how you tried to do them in, the last time. Fold back the shirt sleeve. Now get the folded packet from the second sheet which you had concealed on the table and push it under the rubber band. Explain that is the duplicate which you will eventually exchange for the torn pieces. Now pull out the second sheet—which must be uppermost from the issue lying on table and at the same time, you steal the other packet that you hid under it.

Now start your tear until you have torn the sheet six times. Square up the pieces— not too neatly—the whole sheet packet is behind. Retain this packet in the right hand between thumb and first finger as before. Tell them that this is the time for exchanging the torn pieces for the good packet under the rubber band. You start off by standing with your right side towards the audience. Let them see you push the packet of torn pieces (along with the duplicate good one behind) behind the packet already under the band.

Ler it go half way in. Now in continuation of the same action, you begin to turn to the right so as to bring rhe left side towards them. Under the cover of this movement YOU ACTUALLY BRING OUT THE SAME PACKET AGAIN. Since rhis is done under cover of the turn, the good packet wiil automatically present itself to the front and the torn pieces will now remain concealed behind. In other words you do NOT disturb the original packet which you placed under the band at the outset.

You are now standing with the left side to the front, hence the onlookers cannor see the packet under the band. They accept the packet in your right hand as the one that was originally under the band. >

Now open our the packet and show that the pieces have become restored (?). This is where the concertina fold will be of assistance. All you need do is to first open out the packet into the long strip as in sketch 'C' and then grip rhe outer edge of each side—one in each hand and pull out. The torn pieces remain concealed behind. You will find that the spectators will not pay much attention to this. In view of your explanations and actions they look upon this as a foregone conclusion. Now roll the sheet into a ball—taking in the torn pieces as well and toss to one side of stage.

You now get ready to create rhe sucker atmosphere and mystery. Say "Of course if I had my coat on you would not be able to see the torn pieces". With these words you merely pull out the duplicate whole piece from under rhe band and open it out slowly. Show it on both sides and toss out. This in fact you will find to be the sheet that will engage their attention most, bur then you were well ahead of them and there is nothing left to tell the tale.

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