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Membership is rapidly climbing and, at the moment of writing, is near to 40. The halfcentury will soon be reached.

Friday, May 4th., saw an All-magic Show, put on by the Newcastle members of the Circle, and one half of the proceeds were allocated to the visit of the German Boys Christian Association to this country. The other half goes to the Northern Magic Circle Funds. Taking part in the show were :—Frank Richmond, Tommy Scott, Jimmy Gill, A. McMackin, Benny Hindmarsh and Guest Artiste Douglas Wray. John Blunt was responsible for back stage arrangements and the Compere was Frank Richmond.

Commencing as from May 23rd. meetings will be held every fortnight, on Wednesday Evenings and any members happening to be in Newcastle are asked to make their way to The Crown Hotel (see address above), when they will be assured of a really good time.

Most pleasing news is about the Harry Green exposures in the Radio Times. THESE HAVE NOW CEASED, and the Northern Magic Circle can be proud to have played its part in bringing this result about.

As mentioned last month, this letter of protest was the first official action of the Northern Magic Circle. In his Television show on Friday. May 11th, Harry Green again mentioned the protest against his exposures and quoted that, "whilst we could not reasonably object to any interested person writing in for secrets, we did strongly object to their publication in the Radio Times, where all and sundry, interested or not, could read them" (almost word for word, the text of part of our letter) and he agreed that "possibly we had something there". In future, therefore, he was going to revert to the old procedure of asking those inter-

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