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was to make sure that everything for the coming Convention was paid for in advance and thus we we could give (the operational word is 'give') the members as good a time as possible. Even Good-liffe (yes he was there, along with Billie McComb) thought the idea was a good one and he takes some pleasing, believe me! Maybe he'll have a nice word or two to say about us in "Abra".

I think everyone (judging by the applause which was given) enjoyed the show, although, for myself, I didn't see much of it. Therefore I can but tell you briefly that it opened to the pleasant strains of an accordian and a young voice belonging to Eileen Harris. She opened the show and her father Tom Harris closed it with some buffoonery. In between these two good people there appeared Frank Richmond, Harry Foster, Charlie Spratt, Harry Bennet, Billie Lawrence, and, I mustn't forget Brian Ford, with the act he performed at Newcastle. Believe it or not, we just managed to squeeze in Frank Baumforth and Company before Tom Harris got on the stage, and, as I've said, I believe everybody enjoyed it immensely.

George Blake (that's me!) did a spot somewhere in the show and I know that we had a kind and appreciative audience. If Frank ever has a 'repeat' he'll HAVE to find a bigger hall. Sincere thanks were announced from the Circle to Frank, by the Circle's President, Frank Richmond, who concluded with a gift of chocolates to Mrs. Baumforth as a slight token of appreciation. Then everybody said Thank You, and meant it!

'Most members will by now have received batches of raffle tickets and they are urged to do their utmost to get rid of them. The more you sell, the better the funds, the better the funds, the more we can plan for you. Incidentally, don't have any qualms about the legality of the tickets. I understand from Raymond Smith (who understands these things) that he has been in touch with our Treasurer and everything has been placed upon a perfectly sound basis, so—go ahead and sell them to all and sundry.

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