We had the pleasure of entertaining that grand fellow, great comedian and super magician —"Senator" Clarke Crandall in London recently. He has now returned to the States after a whirlwind five-day visit to the Continent, where he visited Holland, Belgium, and, of course Paris, aided and abetted by Henk Vermeyden and his fast car! Anyone who met Clarke, or saw his comedy work, would never suspect that he really is one of the top twelve of America's ace card men. For Eddie Joseph, Lenz, myself and our staff, he gave a special demonstration of his close-up table work, and it was breathtaking.

Ken Littlewood, who has been featured at the Windmill Theatre for some weeks, is fully booked with home and European engagements for the next six months, much to his delight. It says much that he should also be offered a tour of his own native Australia at a considerable higher figure than he could get when he was there a year ago! Naturally, of course, his act has improved in England, and his natural flair for presentation could never be copied by anyone.



Here is a triple prediction effect that you will enjoy doing because of its foolproof simplicity, and also because it is colourful, and plays for about five minutes without becoming boring.

On the performer's table is a plain stand over which are draped five silks of different colours. A hat is borrowed, and into it the performer drops a small envelope containing a prediction.

Next a spectator is given a choice of any one of the five silks, and this is put into the hat along with the envelope. When the silk is removed from the stand it reveals a packet of three playing cards, standing upright with backs facing the audience. Behind these again, lying horizontally, and again backs outwards, are three cards each with a different Christian name printed on it.

The performer removes the other silks and shows a similar set-up behind each one. All these other cards and silks are discarded, the cards being quickly fanned to show that there are no duplicates

Now the three playing cards from behind the chosen silk are mixed and fanned with backs to the audience for one to be chosen. This chosen one is dropped into the hat, and a similar procedure is followed with the name cards.

After a brief pause in the action for recapitulation, the contents of the hat are tipped out. Playing card and name card are displayed on the stand, and a spectator opens the small prediction envelope. It is found that the performer has been successful in predicting all three choices.

I said the method was simple; it is also bold, but none the less effective. The diagram shows that there is a prediction envelope under each silk, and that with each envelope there is a playing card and a name card. These are duplicates of two of the cards which the audience will see on the stand later. The envelope itself contains a prediction for the colour of the silk which covers it, and also of the two cards which go with it.

The prediction envelope which the audience see put into the hat is placed upright leaning against the back of the hat. When the silk is chosen it is picked up together with the envelope

underneath it. and dropped into the hat towards the front so that it is clear of the original envelope. The audience now sees the cards which were behind the silk. The performer calls attention to these, and then removes the other silks, together with the envelopes under them, of which the audience has no knowledge, and drops them behind the stand. This is a quite natural move, the apparent object being to allow the performer to show that all the cards are different. Now all the cards except those behind the chosen silk are placed behind the stand and all is clear for the next stage.

The two cards chosen as described in the effect are placed into the hat on top of the original prediction. After the short pause for recapitulation the hat is picked up with the fingers inside on top of the cards chosen by the audience, and all is inverted. The silk with the hidden envelope and cards falls out. while the original envelope and two other cards are kept back. The hat is then righted and placed aside, and the effect is finished as already described.

A trial of this effect will soon convince you that there is no move for the audience to feel suspicious about. Its boldness is well covered by its naturalness.

★ ★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★


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