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This is one of the most hilarious tricks you have ever seen and will certainly score a big hit with any audience. It has stood the test of time, and as it has not been available for a long time we now offer you an UP-TO-DATE STREAMLINED MODEL.

A Bottle of Wine and a Glass Tumbler are placed on a table and each is covered with a shown empty tube. On the command of the magician the Bottle and Glass change places.

Then he waves his wand and they change back again. On lifting the covers again the Bottle and Glass are seen back in their original places again ! The Bottle and Glass again CHANGE PLACES, and strange as it may seem, just as mysteriously they change back again.

The magician, looking very pleased with himself, offers to do it again for the last time. He makes the Bottle and Glass change over when his attention is distracted by the stage manager whispering in the wings, as he has a message for the performer. WHILE HIS BACK IS TURNED A STRANGE INDIVIDUAL CREEPS ON AND WINKING AT THE AUDIENCE HE STEALS THE BOTTLE AND RUNS OFF WITH IT !

The performer returns looking dismayed when he peeps into the tube and sees the state of things. However, being a real magician, he makes the magic pass hopefully. On lifting the covers again he finds THE BOTTLE AND GLASS HAVE RETURNED SUCCESSFULLY TO THEIR ORIGINAL POSITIONS.

Everything necessary supplied except the glasses. Very easy to do.

In the routine there is another finale given in which the performer does not have to make use of a stooge at all, yet he is able to take both covers off and show the set up as at first.

The Metal Bottles are spun all in one piece aluminium and are anodised to bottle green colour. There is no comparison between this "Vampire" model and any other which may be offered. NO PAINT TO CHIP OFF!

Take our word for it that this set is the finest in the country, and is one you will be proud to own and use.

PRICE 55/.

Eddie Joseph's Ferrules and Pea

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