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A 4 Vampire' Exclusive from the Private Files of Chanin.

Believe us and we say this sincerely, never was a rope cutting effect more baffling or more impossible. The routine is so simple, that there are literally no tricky twists, ties, joins, snaps, catches or anything you know of.

An entirely 'new idea' gimmick makes it possible to take a piece of rope, and allow a spectator to hold each end. You run your finger along and when someone says stop . . . YOU HAVE THAT POINT MARKED ON THE ROPE FOR IDENTIFICATION.

Anyone can cut the rope . . . and pieces are even out off. All you need now is 'OOFLE DUST' . . . and we give you a large supply FREE !


When spectators examine it . . . the telltale mark has disappeared.

No preparation. Do it anywhere, anytime, close-up or stage. A REAL GEM YOU'LL SIMPLY LOVE IT.

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