Our New and Streamlined Version of this effect has improved it 100% - and it promises to be the year's winning pocket trick.

Magicians can do many things, but did you ever expect to see one offer a large steel nail for inspection and then bend it in half over his teeth !

No ! Neither will your audience, but this is in effect what you can do if you get Nail-O.

Very simple to work. Can be done any time, anywhere under any conditions. The bent nai! is also examined and the spectators cannot bend it straight with their fingers. Can be repeated. Not a feat of strength.

"MIRACLE PITCHER"— Plastic jugful of milk that evaporates 60/-

"KATCHO"—Continuous mechanical production of cards from the air 7/6

KARDKUT.—Paper cutting card picture location 2/6

POLYCHROMATIC.—Selected silk changes to ball of similar colour which dissolves in wineglass of water 6/-

CROWING TIE.—An ordinary looking tie grows to several feet long with knot still tied 15/-

LEMONADO.—Liquid levitation in bottle 1/6

THE GOLDEN SPIDER.—The Best Selling Children's Trick of the Year 45/-

DIMINISHING MATCHBOX.—A lovely pocket trick that is quire mechanical 20/-

"MILKEAU'\—Vanishing glass of milk on the hand is found in a hat 35/-

MENTAL MEMO.—Magician writes an answer to spectator's thought of question ... 5/-

"ELECTROLITE".—On test—the besr—self lighting Candle ever produced 50/-

MULTIPLYING SILKS.—A really novel effect 5/-

THE SPIRIT GUIDE.—Known as Cardini's Th ird Hand. The only really perfect holdout 115/-

"SPOT THE SPOTS".—New Plastic Set of Four Paddles 5/-

"THOUGHT REFLECTION".—Eddie Joseph's Latest Masterpiece 20/-

"INSTANT FREEZE".—The Genuine Original Ice Cream Trick, Perfect 10/-

RABBIT IN HAT.—Transfers suitable for decorating apparatus 3 for 2/6

COIN COVER.—Six borrowed pennies in a little cover pass thru' a hanky 1/6

RISING WAND.—Large Plastic Model. Grand Effect 18/6

HANDKERCHIEF WAND—For vanishing or transferring a hanky 18/6

WOBBLY WAND.—Appears quite solid yet in spectator's hand it wobbles and flops about 18/6

BINDERS.—For "Magic Magazine". Beautifully made. Each copy added in 5 seconds

Will hold 24 copies. Cold Blocked with name on spine Only 15/-

GIANT CATALOGUE—550 Pages of Best Magic. Fully Illustrated Price 3/-

Returnable wifh 20/- Purchase. EUCLIDS RINGS.—One Ring 9" dia. Multiplies to four which each change to a different geometric pattern 42/-

THREE TIER FLAG SPRAY.—A Terrific Production from Body or Box 126/-

REVOLUTIONARY TABLE LEGS.—Have taken Magicians by storm. More sold than any other legs we have handled in 10 years 75/-

THE SMOKER'S DREAM.—A lighted match appears—rhen a lighted cigarette, and match visibly changes to cigarette holder 9" long 15/-

MODELLING BALLOONS—The "Windy Blow" outfit 2/6

THE "FLOWER QUEEN".—Latest and Greatest Children's Effect 80/-

FLOATING SKULL—Our New Outfit is sensational 35/-

TALKING SKULL.—A Superb Novelty for Venrs 80/-

VISIBLY SAWING A PERSON ILLUSION—The finest small illusion ever designed.

Use any person from the audience. No cover. Details on request £35

TIBETAN PRAYER STICK.—A best seling novelty 15/-

INFRACARDO.—Spectacular Prediction Deck 10/-

This Month's Cover Picture.

We know this name will arouse immediate interest when we publish it, for no one else has had more written or said about him in recent years than this colourful personality from India.

In his own country he runs the biggest illusion act of any, and without doubt it is the most spectacular and lavish that has ever been staged by an Indian. From the illustrated brochure we have seen with all its photographs in natural colours, it is easy to picture the extraordinary amount of fine apparatus and ornamental stage drapes which are used in rhe show. He has collected magic and illusions from all over the World, and tours a large company of assistants to help present this spectacle.

Sorcar is also an inventor, and has originated illusions which have been published in the "Sphinx" and other magic magazines.

As a publicist, he would obviously have hit some high mark in the advertising world, for to my knowledge at least, no other magician of the last decade has put out so much or such beautifully produced printing matter. Large posters, small posters, booklets, handbills, they all follow the same pattern of best quality printing, from photographs mostly in colours. It is all very impressive, and one can only hope that one day we shall be allowed to see the complete show of the man who in India bills himself as the "World's Greatest Magician".

In 1952 Sorcar, who is President of the Indian Magicians Club, organised successfully and for the first time, an All India Magic Convention for one whole day, and it was a tremendous success. He has also started a branch of the International Brotherhood of Magicians there, Ring 83, in Calcutta. He also belongs to the Indian Magic Expansion Board, which is a committee for propagating the art of magic in India.

As is well known, he flew to America in 1950 and appeared in New York and Chicago with the British Flying Sorcerers, and he called in at England and several Continental Countries on his way back. At the present time (Continued on Page 125).





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