Mystic 13

You remove 13 Spades and 13 Hearts from a pack of cards. Each packet of 13 cards is arranged Ace to King. Slowly and deliberately the Spades are shown separately in consecutive order, and are then placed in full view against a tumbler with Ace facing audience.

Now the thirteen Hearts are mixed—yes they are really changed all about. A spectator removes one card, notes its value and reverses it in the packet of thirteen.

You then ask spectator who is holding the Hearts to call out the name of the bottom card . . . AND IT IS THE ACE OF HEARTS which matches the ACE OF SPADES !

He is asked to name the next card, say Seven of Hearts—and the next Spade is now also a Seven. IN POINT OF FACT THE ENTIRE PACKET OF SPADES IS NOW IN THE SAME ORDER AS THE 13 MIXED HEARTS ! ! !

Not only that, but when the reversed .chosen Heart card is reached, if for example iit is the 5th card—then the 5th Spade is ALSO REVERSED—AND BOTH CARDS


As you explain to your audience, it could only happen once in a million times . . . unless you had brought some magic power to bear.

We don't have to remind you what a lasting impression a trick of this unusual nature, will make on an audience.

NO MANIPULATION. SELF WORKING. Suitable for parlour or platform. Use with your own particular brand of cards. A really first class production.

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