Mystery Spelling Disc


For a club night or any round-the-table demonstration, here is a startling little affair which can be learned in a minute, yet will intrigue all who see it. Even if the onlookers work it out eventually, they will regard it as subtle and out of the ordinary.

The performer introduces an opaque disc of about 4 inches diameter. There is a hole in the middle and on the edges are six notches at equal intervals—as shown in the diagram. Between the notches on one side only are Figures, as illustration.

The disc is held with the figures downward in the left hand, thumb on top of the hole and the first finger under the hole. The performer asks for any odd number between 5 and 19. He then rotates the disc notch by notch whilst SPELLING the number chosen. Upon completion, he turns the disc over and

13 and 17 rests at the base of the first finger. When an odd figure between 5 and 19 has been chosen the performer immediately begins to spell out the chosen number commencing at the notch nearest the first finger (i.e. between 13 and 15) moving the disc in a clockwise direction with his right hand forefinger at each letter, one notch to each letter. On reaching the last letter, the disc is turned over and the right hand finger will be pointing to the chosen figure.

The disc is then casually rotated in the hand until it reaches its original position and the trick is ready for repetition.

The disc can be handed to the audience at any time for inspection.

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