My Favourite Colour Change Ball

By PORTER (South Africa)

This colour change can be done slowly and right under the nose. You have a red ball in the left hand and facing the audience, throw it up catching the ball with the right, thereby showing the right hand empty. Turn right, throw the red ball up, catch it with the right, then catch it in the left. Now throw the red ball up twice with the LEFT.

This should give enough time to steal a white ball on your right, turn left bring up the white ball, palmed in the right, up to the left hand. Take the red ball from the left between the right thumb and first finger throw it up catching it again in the right proving that you have only the red ball (MacCarthy says : "Bend the right thumb into the hand so that the ball falls onto the nail to prevent the balls 'talking'"). Fig. 1.

Place the red ball against the left palm, placing the tips of the right fingers on it, the red ball to be as far forward as possible, otherwise the balls will talk when doing the Cross over Palm. As the red ball rolls up to the edge of the left hand the left thumb comes between the two balls, preventing the white ball following the red ball. Fig. 2.

On turning the left hand over let the left fingertips brush the edge of the right hand covering up the white ball between the two palms. Fig. 3.

The white ball is in the left fist, the red ball against the back of the left fist and in the right palm. Fig. 4. The audience expects the red ball to be in the left fist. Fig. 5 and 6.

Close the left fist over the white ball then work the ball to the top of the fist. While doing this the right fist goes under the left fist. See Fig. 7. Let the while ball slip into the left fist, pretend

catching it with the right, opening and closing it slightly. Now place the right fist on the left fist pretend catching the ball in the left fist. Use a little misdirection. Vest or pocket the red ball, let the white ball come to the top of the fist again, throw it up catching it in the right hand. (The red ball is missing).

Please remember when pocketing a ball, let the fist press against the side, fingers to the rear. As you pocket twist the fist so that the fingers go into the pocket assisting the ball into it at the same time preventing the ball 'talking' on another article in the same pocket. The elbow is not seen doing anything wrong. I have not seen the Crossover Palm used for a colour change in any book. 1 am not claiming it as original. The Cross-over Palm with one ball was used to my knowledge as far back as 1910.

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