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(Magic Circle, Institute of Magicians, Vampire Club).

Any trick with a borrowed article seems to be more intriguing and less suspicious than if the performer is using his own materials. Perhaps it is because the mystery becomes more personal to the audience.

The effect is that a borrowed (and marked) note is placed in a phial, held under a handkerchief by the owner, vanishes—and is found in a brass tube! The note is still in the phial.

To prepare, you must first of all insert an empty phial into the hem of a handkerchief, the cork end in last. Fold and place on the table together with another empty phial and a pair of tweezers. In your trousers pocket have the note tube ready for loading.

PRESENTATION. Request that someone in the audience should lend you a note, mark it, fold it neatly and place it in the phial. Pick up the handkerchief by the phial corner with the left hand and show on both sides. Drape it over the left hand. Take the phial from the spectator in your right hand and place it under the handkerchief. Finger-palm this phial and, at the same time, bring up the corner of the handkerchief (which has the hidden duplicate phial in it) to the centre. Ask your helper to hold this phial by his finger and thumb.

Remove your hand from under the handkerchief and casually place it (concealing the palmed note in the phial) into the trousers pocket. You have plenty of time whilst talking to the spectator holding the hanky, to take the phial and load it into the note tube. Bring it out and place it on the table in full view.

Go to your helper and flick the handkerchief from his hold. The phial and note have vanished! Hold the handkerchief by the phial corner in the right hand. Show the left hand empty. Transfer the handkerchief to the left hand and show the right hand empty.

(Don't do this too obviously or it will look like manipulation). Take the handkerchief back in the right hand with the fingers along the phial and the thumb at the bottom end of it. Your left hand takes hold of the other corner and draws the handkerchief away from the right hand, leaving the empty phial in it. All this needs doing quite naturally and must not be a piece of showmanship. It sounds complicated but is really quite simple.

Give the handkerchief to your helper for examination. This allows you plenty of time to get rid of the phial. Ask your helper to pick up the tube and undo it himself. He finds the phial inside, and the marked note intact.

If you wish to work an alternative routine employing the Vampire "It's a Baffler" (Edward M. Massey) you can make the vanishing part work in easy stages.

After covering up the phial and letting spectator hold it, you bring your hands out from under the hanky, perfectly empty you now promise to remove the note without him seeing it go. This you do, and he is then allowed to peek into the phial he is holding . . . and he finds to his astonishment that it is quite empty!

Now you ask him to hold it again, and when you put the 'fluence' on for the second time . . . the phial itself vanishes! Obviously when the note tube is opened, the note has returned to the inside of the phial, and the two are discovered intact inside the note tube. A perfectly denouement.

Those who have the "Baffler" trick will easily follow this routine.

Done carefully and calmly, the trick has a staggering effect, since it appears to be uncanny and without any explanation. I hope to demonstrate it at some future meeting of the Vampire Club.

GOLDILOCKS escapes from the Three Bears, assisted johnny geddes

What could be better for the younger children than magic allied to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Here they have something simple and strongly visual which they will remember long after the show.

The stand, as seen in the accompanying diagram, represents the house of the Three Bears. A card of Goldilocks all by herself is shown and then placed on the stand. The curtain is closed. The story is then told and, after some fun with a little girl who comes up from the audience to remind you of Goldilocks, the curtain is opened. Goldilocks has vanished and in her place are the Three Bears.


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