Money Goes To Your Head

EFFECT—A silver sixpence is borrowed, the owner is asked to mark it, and hold out his right hand, palm upwards. The performer holds the coin between thumb and forefinger of his right hand and states that he will touch the spectator's palm three times with the coin, after which the spectator is to quickly close his hand in an endeavour to grasp the coin. A trial demonstra'tion then takes place then the performer draws back his sleeves and completes the three movements with the coin. As the closed fingers of performer's right hand reach the spectator's palm he (the spectator) closes his hand quickly as per the previous instructions, but fails to grasp the sixpence, it having completely vanished. Both performer's hands are examined and his coat may be removed, but no trace of the coin is found. The movements are repeated and the sixpence re-appears between the performer's thumb and forefinger as he touches the spectator's palm for the third time.


"Would someone kindly lend me sixpence for a few months. I can supply a Banker's reference, if necessary. Thank you, sir. Would you now please mark it in some way in order to prove ultimately that only one coin is used." ...

The Coin is received by the performer and held between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. To the owner of the coin, say:

"Would you now extend your right palm as though you were about to receive your week's wages. Now I am going to touch your palm three times with this sixpence and as I touch your palm the third time I want you to quickly close your fingers over mine and try to grasp the coin. Shall we try that once? Ready? Now imagine this is the coin touching your palm for the third time. Here it comes."

The performer's right arm is bent upwards and brought down again, the coin touching the spectator's palm. If the spectator does not close his fingers quickly enough repeat the trial demonstration.

"This effect should be performed with a musical accompaniment. I usually have some 'touching' music played. However, to start the experiment, I will touch your palm twice and you will make no movement, but don't forget to close your hand the third time."

The performer bends his right arm upwards towards his head (See Figure 14a). then brings it down again, (See Figure 14b) and as the coin is allowed to touch the spectator's palm, say:

The arm is bent up, then brought down again, and as the coin touches the spectator's palm, say:

For the third time the arm is bent upwards but the hand goes over the top of the performer's head and places the sixpence, very carefully right in the centre of his head (See Figure 15). The hand immediately moves down again, the fingers still apparently gripping the coin, and as the fingers touch the spectator's palm, say:


The spectator should by this time have closed his fingers, (See Figure 15a). The Performer draws his hand away and slowly opens his fingers to show his hand empty.

"Did you get the sixpence " I think you must have it—as you can see, it isn't here".

The spectator opens his hand and finds it isn't there either. The performer shows both his hands empty and his coat may be removed for inspection, if necessary. Care must be taken, of course, not to bend the head otherwise the coin will inclined to slide off. This depends, of course, on the type of hair.

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