Miniature Wand


Max sells a ball-pen, which looks like a miniature wand. With this extremely useful prop a number of pocket tricks can be performed, which ail go to 'prove' that it is a real Magic Wand.

Briefly, some of its antics are as follows:—It first of all appears to be made of rubber, quite pliable and can be flexed about, only later io be shown as quite solid. It answers questions in its own peculiar way. It is capable of penetration by a silk handkerchief. If placed in the fist, it shoots out at the word "Go!"

The firsi effect is really an optical illusion and is accomplished by waving the wand, (held loosely between the forefinger and thumb, at one end) in an up and down direction. The whole secret of a nice rubbery-looking wand is to keep the fingers rigid and to shake only the wand. (Try this with a wand, if you have one handy, or, failing that, a long pencil. Hold the pencil horizontally about your own eye-level, with the right finger and thumb about one inch from the end. The thumb is directly under the forefinger and about seven/eighths of the pencil is to the leff of the thumb. Don't grip the pencil, just hold it loosely, and commence to move the hand up and down for a distance of about four inches. Watch the pencil, and then gradually increase the tempo of the up and down movement until the pencil DOES actually appear to be bending. Keep it at this pace and the illusion of a rubbery pencil (or wand\ will be sustained. At least that is how I perform it, • and I hope the above detailed explanation helps. (George Blake).

If you know "Kicky Sticks", a pocket trick which was originated by my friend Alex Gordon some years ago, you will immediately recognise the following effect, which is an adaptation of the principie involved. Instead of one stick jumping up incessantly from the other, a simple code is employed in which one jump means 'yes' ar>d two means 'no'. To make the wand jump balance it on the palm of one hand, and in the other hand hold a pencil. Bring the tip of the pencil up to the tip of the wand and with the thumb pressing on the other end of the pencil bring the thumb back in little jerks, which wifl cause the wand to jump. (If you would like to know more about this little stunt, look out for a book to be issued by Max shortly, giving several little known secrets contributed by Lenz and myself. Besides the tips of the wand and the pencil, here is an extra 'tip' which makes for better working . With the worn sandpaper edge of a matchbox, rub the sides of the pencil, for about an inch from the top. See that the thumb tip is dry (how many tips are there to this effect?) and you will be amazed at the results. Quite violent impulses can be obtained from the pencil. George Blake).

For the penetration of the silk through the wand I must refer you to one of Jean Hugard's books "Tricks at the Dinner Table", in which the handkerchief is wound round and round a pencil, in this case, the wand, both ends being held by a spectator. Giving the ends a jerk, the spectator is abfe, apparently to pull the silk right through the wand.

Finally, the wand is pushed into the left closed fist and shoots out at the word "Go!" To perform this, secure a thin elastic band and keep this in a trouser pocket. As you put the handkerchief used in the former effect, back into the pocket, secretly get the elastic band over the middle finger. As the wand is pushed into this closed fist, the tip engages with the rubber band and presses it down a little. At the same time pressure of the fingers round the wand holds it steady. As soon as this pressure is relaxed, the wand flies upwards.

If you have a lot of nerve (because it is an old gag which follows) you might risk ending up by saying that the wand derives its magical properties from the magical fluid contained inside. So saying, unscrew the white tip, and announce that the magic tip will write any colour called for. If 'Red' is called for, just write the word 'Red', or if green is chosen, write the one word 'Green'. I hope that you will find these ideas useful if you happen to possess one of these wands.

NOTE.—-I hope Trevini wont mind my completing his routine for him. I have referred and the Hugard book he mentions is entitled "Close-up Magic". You will find a

" CLdion - Sfiaat"

A Splendid New Comedy Routine for Children by JIMMY FLOWERS

This is a novelty item—not a lot of magic perhaps—but it is something the children all enjoy, because every one, whatever their age, all join in, and I can assure you, plenty of fun can be had with it.

The performer introduces a set of picture cards, six in all, representing well known characters such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Coofy, Muffin, Donald Duck and Hank, They are shown one at a time and rhe children are asked to call them out by name. As each is called it is placed in a stand, until all six pictures have been displayed. Next a camera is introduced and a child assistant is asked to come up and hold it. Now a duplicate set of cards is taken, mixed up and with the backs to the audience, one is chosen. This is placed in a slot in the camera without anyone seeing what it is.

A model television set is shown and the performer explains that with the help of everyone he will try and televise the chosen picture card, so that it appears on the television screen. He then explains to the children what they have to do. First the child holding the camera must point it towards the performer, who holds the television set and the child must have his (or her) finger on the button, ready to press when the signal is given. All the other children must count slowly up to six, then a slight pause, then all must cry out loudly, "Action"—another pause, then they must all shout "Shoot". As this is said the child with the camera must press the button.

To make sure that everything is quite understood, performer says they will have a rehearsal, but tells the child with the camera NOT to press the button this time but only to pretend, Now then, all ready? one-two-three-four-five-six pause-Action-pause-Shoot. Excellent, says the performer, now we will try to televise the picture properly All ready? Right!

Here rhe counting and Action-Shoot business is gone through and the child presses the button. Sure enough, a picture does appear upon the screen, BUT IT CERTAINLY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE PREVIOUSLY SHOWN, for IT IS A PICTURE OF A DEAD MOUSE !

The performer is quite put out about it, and putting the Television set down, he goes over to the child with the camera, and opening it out, pulls out amid laughter a model of a dead mouse. He explains that no wonder the picture didn't show up, for this was in the way! However, let's have another try.

He picks up the T.V. set (screen is now clear again1} and everything is gone through as before. This time, however, a picture appears and it is that of Muffin the Mule. UPON TAKING OUT THE CARD FROM THE CAMERA IT IS SEEN TO BE THE SAME AS THE ONE ON THE SCREEN.

The how is very simple. You need a set of six cards as described above. These drawings can be cut out from books and stuck on the cards, or you can copy the drawings and colour them in with drawing inks. The other set of six cards are not really duplicates five are all alike, such as Muffin the Mule, the sixth card being a duplicate of any of the others. This latter card is placed face up on top of the five force cards. The children are told that the set is a duplicate set and two different cards can be shown casually, so it is taken for granted that the others are different.

The cards are turned back outwards and one is chosen by number. This is put in the camera slot without being shown. The camera is really a box with a round tin screwed on for a 'lens', and a press button on one side. It has a hinged lid at the top and a slot at the back. Nicely painfed, this fooks quite good.

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