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It is unusual to get an alliance between card manipulation and mind reading. Hence the trick described below is all the more uncanny since the member of the audience who selects a card from a shuffled pack does so mentally. He is allowed to cut the cards as many times as he likes and from then he alone handles the cards. Yet the performer is able by degrees to announce first the colour, then the suit and finally the exact denomination of the card chosen.

You need what are called one-way back cards for this effect, though these are not absolutely necessary as you want to locate one card only. Arrange the top ten cards in any system you like, say the Si-Stebbins, which will give you the following cards on top— AC, 4H, IS, 10D, DC, 3H, 6S, 9D, QC, 2H. The AC is top card and it is reversed with respect to the others, which have all their backs laid in one direction. If you use an ordinary pack, just mark the back of the AC and you are set.

To perform, you false shuffle the pack to retain the top ten cards and do a false cut. Now fan off the top ten cards for one to be mentally selected by a spectator . Replace the cards and have the pack cut by him as many times as he likes. You then ask him to deal the cards one by one into five heaps face down. Watch for the reversed or marked card, and see into which heap it goes. Lei-us say that it goes into the third heap. You then know that the AC is in this heap.

Take up this lot first and fan it in front of the spectator, asking him if he can see his card in it . If he says "No", you pick up the fourth heap and repeat the procedure. Assume that he sees his card in the fifth heap. As far as you are concerned you know that the third card is here, the IS, and also the other card, which you get by adding 2 to the value of the IS, that is the 9D. The suit is the one following that of the first card, which is D.

Each pair of cards will be in each heap and they will differ in colour; their values differ by 2 and their suits follow one another in the order of the arrangement, which is C, H, S, D. Therefore, when you get the required heap, you say, after a few seconds of pretended cogitation, that you get the impression of "red" as the colour of the card. If the spectator admits this, you know the card to be the 9D. If he denies it, you also know at once that it must be rhe other one, the 7S. In either case you know his card, and can reveal it bit by bit.

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