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and at same time the left closes over the ring on the wand. In other words the left hand takes the place of the right over the wand and this change over is a natural means of convincing that only the bare wand is held between them. Your hand is only there apparently to steady the wand.

However, as you point with your hand to the lady, you look up at her closed fist and ask "You still have that gentleman's ring?" and when the lady affirms that she has, you say "Can I have it please?" At this point the lady offers you the ring.

As she advances her hand towards yours it is your business here to take the ring from her in a manner so that the gentleman is not permitted a critical sight of it. This is very easily done by closing your fingers around those of the lady's when taking the ring away from her. There is absolutely no need and in fact I would consider it bad magic to try and emphasi se the fact at this stage that you are holding the gentleman's ring in your right. Merely take the dummy away from the lady . . . hold it above your head for a second or two but keep hand moving. Now bring the right hand down sharply once or twice against the wand, tapping it with the ring, and on the third downward stroke merely thumb palm the ring and bring the right hand down Continued on Page 330)

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