The assistant is provided with a small instrument to open the locks while inside the trunk. (Through tiny holes or slits). He has also a block of wood about two inches thick.

As soon as the principle performer and a second assistant put the cover on the trunk, the men inside opens the locks, pushes up the lid and inserts the block of wood between it and the trunk proper.

The cover is then laced up and sealed at one end only. As the top is curved nothing unusual in the shape of the trunk will be noticed. On the other hand, if the box had a flat top, it would be obvious that the front side was a trifle higher than the one at the rear.

Inserting his hand between the lid and the trunk, the assistant undoes the cord at the unsealed end, and works the cover off. Getting out of the trunk, he pockets the block of wood, relocks the trunk with a duplicate key. He then replaces the cover, relaces it and sits on top of the box.

At a given signal, the screen is removed, and the spectators who sealed up the cover are bound to admit that the wax is unbroken.

Finally, the cover is removed, the box is unlocked and again examined.

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