Method For Secretly Bending The Corner

The "card sharper" on the race-course always employs a confederate or two; during the trick his "stooge" will slightly bend the corner of the queen whilst the sharper is addressing his audience. The cards are thrown and the betcing naturally goes on the bent card. When turned up it is not the queen! I include rhis effect in my routine without using an assistant and work it as follows: After deceiving rhe audience once or twice in "Finding the Lady" I pick up the card they think is the queen in the right hand and show it, proving they have again not guessed correctly. The corner of this card is now secretly bent in the following way:



The card is held face towards the audience, gripped between the first and second fingers near the bottom right hand corner; the tip of the thumb then bends the corner slightly outwards; the position is illustrated in Fig. 3. As the corner is being secretly bent the queen is picked up from the table with the left hand and shown. It is replaced face down again on the tabe and the performer remarks: "Perhaps if I turn up the corner of the queen it may help you to find her." The right hand, holding the secretly bent card then picks up the Queen holding the two cards as shown in Fig. 2. The false throw is made (releasing the top bent card instead of the queen). To the audience it is presumably the queen.

The left hand card is then picked up (with the left hand^ and is placed on the right of the bent card on the table WHILST THE LEFT HAND DOES THIS THE THUMB OF THE RIGHT HAND MOVES ALONG THE CORNER OF THE CARD IT IS HOLDING AND STRAIGHTENS OUT THE BENT CORNER. This card is then placed on the left of the other two.

The three cards can now be thrown again on the table in any order as the bent card is not the queen. The effect is then suitably concluded.

"JHlmost in Confidence9




The following is a detailed explanation of my own version of the Erdnase Fancy Blind Cut (No. 2) described in that wonderful book, "The Expert at the Card Table". (Pages 45 and 46 in the Paul Fleming edition. Chicago 1944).

This variation may not be as good as the original Erdnase method, but it seems to me that it is easier to perform.

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