Burnt note routine, note and ring palmed into pocket when obtaining matches or lighter, remains of envelope dropped in Dove Pan, in which is a piece of flash paper. Doves removed to show dummy note and a duplicate ring, which same are switched, after unfastening ribbons move to take up ring and note, removing hand from pocket holding note and ring which are now separate, coin fold having been used. There are many means of effecting the switch, changing trays, etc. The Restoration, Production of live doves with the borrowed articfes has proved most effective.



Published by Louis Tannen.

This is an American production neatly printed on art paper and bound in soft board. The book is limited to 39 pages and within the covers may be found tricks numbering a baker's dozen.

Bill Simon has once again provided us with practical material which should delight as well as fulfil the needs of the practising magician. The tricks are described and explained in the author's usual lucid style. Everyone of the tricks is easily followed and the average performer can duplicate them all without the expenditure of much effort in study and practice.

The first ten tricks have to do with playing cards. There are quite a few novel twists injected into most of them and such thoughtful dressings will undoubtedly always enhance the value of the tricks in the viewer's estimation.

MATH E MAGIC I AN is the very first trick in the book and it should be able to puzzle the laymen to a great extent. We cer tainly like it. Another trick that will find favour with many is the one where cards and dice are combined to produce another puzzler.

The lovers of psychic demonstrations will be able to make quite good use of THE VITAL PREDICTION as well as THE LONDON ILLUSION.

In the miscellaneous section there is a very pretty and effective routine with two large and several baby sponge balls which we tried out again and again. The classic RING ON WAND is also treated here and for an impromptu showing it should be welcomed by many. Finally the transposition of a silver and copper coin is well described and explained and can be presented to great advantage without having to acquire the digital ability for some special sleights.

To those wishing to enlarge their repertoire of tricks which can be performed without any previous preparation or bother, the reviewer recommends this publication


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