Memories Of Houdini

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Enchanted Hall that Harry is with us, sharing in the enjoyment which we hope to provide you, and, through the ingenuity of Sir Alexander Cannon, we signalise that presence by enabling the Houdini Ghost , to appear by magical means on the centre of the stage— for the first time to our recollection in Britain or anywhere else in the world.

Master, thou art not dead—Thy body has but passed from mortal eye, Thy spirit lingers with us yet. And till we meet in realms above, And greet thee on the heavenly shore, we'll carry on thy work for joy and love . . AUF WIEDERSEHEN !

The final words of this touching tribute by Folklore-Professor Coleman were re-echoed by the rendering of the popular song through a dozen concealed loud-speakers while ultraviolet rays transformed the stage into a scene of ethereal beauty centering in the phantom form of Houdini.

WINDY BLOW — Continued from Page 291.

WINDY BLOW — Continued from Page 291.

Figure 7.

That is to say, you first take about V and twist it, then another equal section and twist that. Then take the last piece, double it under and twist this round the break as you did before so that you break it into two sections. You will find that you now have these three sections held together by themselves, the first part making the neck of the animal, the second two parts making the ears and the last little piece which is the point of the teat end making the nose. You will see these four top sections clearly shown in the final model which is Fig. 8. Thus you have made a complete dog out of one balloon.

This is a new and exclusive technique which has been originated by Windy Blow and we can assure you that it is a great delight to the children. They will fight to get possession of these balloons and although they do not cost very much, they look very valuable if you give them away as prizes.

If you can get hold of some thin pieces of cane, say about 12" or 16" long, you can insert this carefully through the two back legs and then through the two forelegs and you wiil find that the rubber balloon grips this so tightly that the animal sits in an upright position very realistically on the end of the stick, and in this way they can be handed out to the children and they have something which they can wave about.

It is quite an easy matter if you have a Biro pen handy to make two eyes on the animal's head and a nose and a mouth. This gives it a very realistic appearance and greatly enhances its value to the children.

Windy Blow is at present appearing in the Fortune Theatre Show, (at the time of writing) and he says that wherever he is appearing, if any readers care to visit him he will always be pleased to help them with any difficulties they may have. Failing this, your editor can make these dogs and if he is available, will always be pleased to welcome you.

Figure 8.

MODELLING BALLOONS specially made for these toys can be obtained from Max Andrews, 10/1 1, Archer Street, London, W.l.

price 3/6 psr packet.

Our Magic Studio is in Archer Street, which is the turnins at the back of the WINDMILL THEATRE

—anyone will tell you where that is!

Visitors who get to London and cannot find us, and anyone else who needs urgent attention—please 'phone

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