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It is with particular pleasure that we officially introduce our readers to an old friend of ours—Fred Kaps. We first met him after the war in Amsterdam on the occasion of the first post war International Convention, and he worked under the name of Mystica in those days. His gradual rise to stardom has been achieved only by persistent practice and good training, and now he is in London showing his spectacular manipulative act to patrons of the Dorchester Hotel, and we have heard it whispered that he will be at the Palladium in June!

He first became interested in magic when he was nine years old, and was introduced to it by his hairdresser, who used to show tricks to interest the kids. He was given a pocket trick with a paddle routine, and ran the risk of having all his hair chopped off, for he used to ask for a trick every time he had his hair cut!

However, the hairdresser taught him through the years, and he acquired great skill with cards, cigarettes, thimbles, balls, etc. His first official performance came when he was thirteen.

He left school in 1944 and was obliged to go into hiding for over a year to avoid being caught by the Germans and sent to work in Germany. He went on tour for the Dutch Army and in 1946 had to join the army himself, and was later put into the Entertainment Section and toured the Dutch East Indies, and all the Isles, until 1950.

He won the Grand Prix at a Dutch Convention in Arnhem, and two other firsts for Most Polished Act, and for Best Appreciated Act by Lay Audience. Under the guidance of Henk Vermeyden, his act was finally polished for entry into competitions at the International Congress at Barcelona. It is now well known that he won the Grand Prix there plus first prize for Most Polished Act again.

He has since worked all over the .Continent, in Germany, (for the U.S.A. Army) Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and England. He has been twice on Television in Holland and twice in London.

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