Meet Rolland Fraser


He first started out by trying to construct an upper denture capable of extinguishing cigarettes. The apparatus we are about to describe with Rolland's full permission, must fit closely to delicate membranes of the mouth without impinging upon them, otherwise the illusion, and other things are apt to become upset. It must be a duplicate denture of the one worn (if you wear one—Ed.), having a box-like cavity vulcanised to the plate, and capable of holding five genuine lighted cigarettes and a piece of cigar, the lot being sealed off with some soft food, (such as banana). The cigarettes having been extinguished and sealed off, a full luncheon (of soft food) could then be swallowed. From this it will be gathered that the whole secret lies in the dexterity of removing one denture and inserting its duplicate, which contains the box-like apparatus. Those who have seen his act when he was in England some years ago will remember that after lighted cigarettes are handed to him by the audience, he turns slightly to the right on his way back to the table. As a lighted cigarette is placed in his mouth, so the change is made. With constant practice he tells us that this 'sleight' can be made more quickly than the eye can follow.

He mentions that he has never experienced better health than since he first took on the "light diet" of lighted cigarettes, cigars, matches, fire-balls etc., and he has been doing this now for about 14 years.

In closing, we can say that when last you were in England, Rolland Fraser, you were very popular with the boys, with your ever ready smile and constant willingness to demonstrate. For the benefit of those who do not know, the routine described above is of course the highlight of an altogether unusual act, as can be gathered from the doctor's garb and fancy waistcoat, which is fully illuminated. Altogether Rolland Fraser is a most unusual person and will always be welcome wherever he goes in Great Britain.


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