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That magic, like any other profession, can be made to yield a fair return for the labour and enterprise you put into it, is evidenced by Buck himself, for I happen to know that he has a nice house at Potters Bar, has just taken delivery of a new car, and is now running an entertainment agency to ensure that he had no spare time!

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to Buck Hurst from all of us.

Eventually giving it up as a bad job I turn Aspro box over and on the bottom is the title of the last act!

2. Pick up glass of beer and ask who would like a drink on me. When someone accepts, walk forward, reach inside glass and produce whisky tot of milk, or some other foul (!) liquid and hand to spectator.

3. A slight variation on the above is to pour contents of beer mug into whisky tot and hand this to spectator.

4. "I will now perform my famous disappearing beer trick" so saying performer covers beer mug with silk, mutters magic words, rips off silk to reveal—the same as before. A glass of beer. Again he tries after making the same announcement and again failure. Throwing the silk away he again makes his announcement and promptly drinks beer in one draught.

5. This is my favourite. To be quite honest I nearly didn't include it. But then I've picked some good ideas up from the Magic Magazine which I use in my act, so it's only fair that I should put in something which I know will get a belly laugh. Simply pick up beer glass, and muttering cheers etc, drink about half. Then cough and splutter and create the impression you have just drunk Naffi tea. Look at the glass in your hand while you are doing this, and you will find that the audience will also look at the glass. They will see something lumpy in the glass. Very slowly produce the object from the glass which turns out to be a Vampire Spring Rat!

Well, there you are! Each of the above will get you laughs. I am now working on a different line of thought. Owners of the mug will know what I mean when I say the glass of beer holds a terrific load for production and I am certain there will be some good comedy ideas in a large production from a glass of beer. So if you will excuse me I'll put down the false jug, pick up a genuine one and see if I can get some further inspiration.

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