In 1928 Johnny revisited Malta, performing for the Governor-General, then touring England, France and Italy. In fact, he has done a number of "Command Performances" for the Governor-General of Canada, for Canada's Prime Minister, and for other notables. During the war years he toured Ontario camps and hospitals with the "Toronto Masquers," a civilian group which did outstanding voluntary entertainment work. Johnny himself went on over 150 of these shows, covering several thousand miles.

Johnny relates a few amusing incidents from his long career. It seems that a young fan persuaded her mother to engage Giordmaine for her forthcoming party. Believe it or not, the mother had never seen a magician, and asked Johnny what he did, and what materials he used: John told her, tricks with flowers, eggs, milk, rabbits, handkerchiefs, vegetables, and all sorts of common things which make the children laugh.

When John arrived for the date, she showed him the pile of flowers, vegetables, milk, etc., she had collected for him in the kitchen—but regretted that she had been unable to procure a rabbit.

On another occasion he performed at a farm picnic, and nary a table could be found. John settled for a wheelbarrow on which to set up his props, and the show went off quite well. About a year later a member of that farm audience engaged him for a show at a large city hotel. After the show, he came back to offer his congratulations, but also expressed surprise that John had failed to use the wheelbarrow, which had been secured and provided for him with some difficulty !

I first met Johnny in Chicago in 1950, at the I.B.M.-S.A.M. Convention there, and we have been friends ever since. I know he is going to have a great time over in England, and from readers of "Magic Magazine" and members of the Vampire Club, Johnny, we extend to you a hearty welcome.


Eddie Joseph

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