Ravell and Andree present

"Tantalising Traffic Lights"

EFFECT.—A Stand is shown, a model of a Set of Traffic Lights, the Red, Amber and Green Bulbs showing. The magician shows three boxes coloured respectively. Red, Green and Amber.

The Red light is first removed and placed into the green box, next the amber light is removed and placed in the red box and lastly the green light is removed and placed into the amber box. After telling a story of a mix up in packing the bulbs, the performer shows that the red, amber and green bulbs are in their respective boxes.

Points to note: Only three balls (representing light bulbs) are used and everything can be examined.

APPARATUS—Comprises a stand to represent Traffic Lights. Three holes are in the top part of this to enable balls to be placed therein These are held in place by Spring Clips; if top part of stand is made as a box, of plywood. If it is made solid balls can be made to be a friction tight fit in same and clips could be dispensed with. Balls should be plastic in the three colours necessary. Also required are three boxes of similar colours and if these are made to nest, it will save space for packing.

ROUTINE.—Show the stand back and front and the boxes one after the other, inside and out. Pick up the green box first, remove the red ball from the stand and apparently put same in the box (but in reality keep this ball palmed in the hand). Now remove the amber ball (keeping the red ball concealed) pick up the red box and apparently put the amber ball in. (What you really do is to allow the red ball to drop into the box). Remove the green ball (still concealing the amber ball) and place it into the amber box (really let the amber ball go in the box, and palm the green ball go to the green box, place the right hand inside and remove the green ball (really the palmed one). Recount that balls were mixed up, pick up red box and do not place the hand inside the box, but allow the red ball to roll out and the same with the amber box. One thought in passing. The smallest box should be of sufficient size to place your hand in, as the whole of this effect is dependent upon the action of switching one palmed ball for another, using the boxes as a cover.

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