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The February Vampire Club Meeting was, as usual, well attended. Max opened with an appeal for funds—no, not to he'p with the Club—but to bring a little comfort to Claud Odin who at 80 years of age has fallen on lean times.

It is nice to feel that famous names are not forgotten and that help is forthcoming in times of need. During the course of the evening we were able to collect the magnificent sum of £5 15s. Od.

He concluded with a wonderful display of Cigarette and Billiard Ball manipulation. All this, mark you, for no cost to members of the Vampire Club.

After the usual interval for refreshments, Claude Manley opened his Cabaret, and needless to say, he had once again persuaded a first rate team of artistes to co-operate. Vylo opened with a smooth presentation of silks— three small ones changed to one large one and back again via a box vanish into the original

LEFT.—Eddie Joseph during his talk. TOP CENTRE—Piet Tovenaar with two spectators. BELOW—Vylo the Magician shows Troublewit, and Arthur Van Den in his Spiv Act. RIGHT—Will Perrin in the act that recently won him his M.I.M.C.

There followed a lecture by Eddie Joseph which was well worth a collection anyway and would have been cheap at twice the amount we sent to Claud Odin.

The theme of his talk was to the effect that in presenting the abnormal, one should be quite sure that your movements are normal. What appeals to me most when listening to Eddie is the pains he takes in explaining what NOT to do. His demonstration with a thumb tip was a classic in showing just how this invaluable piece of apparatus can serve a good performer.

His demonstration with cards included the use of the Thez Card, Hindoo Shuffle, Palming Double Lift and Throw Change.

three arriving in paper cone previously shown empty He also gave a steel pfate penetration and a comprehensive display of Troublewit. I was impressed by his handling of the Max Andrews' Chinese Rope Rings. This makes a refreshing change from the usual steel variety more especially as the audience can be invited to make the rings from untied pieces of rope.

Piet Tovenaar followed and treated us to Lighted Cigarette Production, Cards Across, Rising Cards and Knotting Silks.

Wil5 Perrin I am told, put on the show which gained him his M.I.M C.—I hope this information is correct. At all events it was (Continued on page 20).

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