MEET CIRE.—Continued from Page 31.

(now deceased) Brunei White. We certainly remember just before the War, whenever Ciré had a new presentation in his act, Brunei White was always to be found at the theatre, as in those days also so were we.

There are many amateurs to-day who could learn a lot from watching the presentation aM superb stagecraft of a man who has always set himself a tremendously high standard in efficiency and showmanship. Never is there any doubt when Ciré walks on the stage, as to what kind of an act he will do. 'Magician' is stamped all over him, and to look the part is half the battle, though so few performers pay any attention to such details nowadays.

Ciré the Magician, we salute you.


The March meeting of the VAMPIRES opened with two important announcements. In the first instance LENZ announced that he was pleased to be back after missing the February meeting.

Secondly MAX announced that the famous firm of MAX ANDREWS was once again open to do business. He promised that, in future, customers are going to have a wonderful time deciding how to spend the trifle the tax collector allows them to keep. Their money is to be extracted from them in a more spacious showroom complete with comfortable chairs. I must go along as soon as I can to see for myself that all this is true.

Rather early to talk of Christmas but MAX gave a little discourse on the old slogan "Shop early, etc." explaining that this is sound advice as without some indication, in good time, of customers' needs, stocks of popular lines may be inadequate and many disappointed buyers left stranded.

LENZ followed with his usual press gang technique and quickly mustered six volunteers for a surprise item. This took the form of a guessing contest in which the team had to individually mime a trick, and the audience had the problem of naming the effect. Surprising how difficult it was to spot some of them. No prizes were offered but it was good fun for all.

During the mid-session interval TOM SAVAGE showed his usual dexterity on the keyboard and NORMAN HARVEY was to be seen checking up on his photographic equipment so I guess you will have some good pictures to relieve the monotony of my writing.

As soon as all thirsts were quenched CLAUDE MANLEY was heard in full song announcing his Cabaret.

LES GERRARD opened in evening dress, and, as seems somehow so fitting with the white tie regalia, he gave us a silent act. I wonder why white ties and silence go so well together ? It always registers that way with me. This was, I am told, his first appearance at the Club—always an ordeal I think—but LES was quite at ease and gave us a comprehensive display. When I tell you that he used Cards, Silks, Glasses, Ropes, News-

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