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We are constantly deriving satisfaction from the fact that people write to us and say how they are using something which they have culled from the pages of Magic Magazine, or that they saw so and so do one of our items on Television. There is no doubt that there is much more material published in this way than most magicians can conveniently make use of, for in the first case, magazine illustrations in any periodicals are se'dom to scale, and even if they are, that is a long way from an actual blueprint that an engineer or worker can follow. There is no doubt that the difficulties of making things yourself or in getting someone else to make them are often unsur-mountab!e, except of course if you go to a reliable magic maker who specialises in this class of work.

That is one of the reasons why we try to give you in each issue, something which you can do very easily, without building elaborate apparatus and without long practice. If you have anything like this which you are using and which you would care to release for the benefit of your brother magicians, we shall always be pleased to hear about it.

With the turn of the month, the weather grows colder, and the longer evenings give us more time to concentrate on our favourite hobby. Do not forget to brush up on your pocket tricks. Your reputation as a magician mostly starts on your home ground, and whilst people naturally expect that, by calling your

self a magician, you can go on the stage and entertain them, they take it for granted that being at a safe distance, you have every opportunity to do something 'when they are not watching'. What they do not realise is that it is possible for a magician to fool them equally well and often much more easily, at close quarters! Wu of the fraternity are very apt to think that people know about or can differentiate between one trick and another, but I have always been amazed at the tremendous interest shown by the pub ic at close quarter work, and how often they pick on one of my favourite 'oldies' and say "I've never seen that before!"

Being talked about is one of the best ways of acquiring a magical reputation since people have a universal love of being ab!e to say that a particular friend or man they know is really very clever at something. And thus it is that if a show is being discussed, and the individual who has seen your close up miracles, can and probably will do more for your advancement in the matter of getting shows, than many other kinds of advertising.

However, I must not carry on in this vein otherwise I shall have A'an Kennaugh on my track for infringement. My travels are over now, however, and you can picture me for the next few months, my desk piled high with papers, churning out magic, magic, magic, in one form or another, until this Winter Season is over.

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