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(Vampire) Ltd. 10/11 ARCHER STREET, LONDON, W.l.

Somewhere in this magazine is a full description of the details of our New Magic Studio. Far be it from me to bore you with over elaboration, but even now I can hardly believe my own eyes when I see the miracle transformation that builders and decorators have done in three weeks. Quite frankly we did not realise that we had so much space at our disposal, since it had slowly diminished over the course of years, with the gradual growth of the business and the stock. When you have shelves on all four sides of every room, as we had, it tends to make them look smaller ! However, from now on it is 'Business as Usual'.

The Magic Circle Golden Jubilee Celebrations will be a thing of the past by the time you read this, and if I write a report on it, certain it is that you will not read it in this issue, as most of this will have been set and printed before the Jubilee commences. We will have our own report however, with personal comments and interviews, which will serve to interest perhaps your holiday reading in June, if you take your holidays as early as I usually do.

Also we will give you a report on the special session of magic which we held at our Studio during this period, and of the 'personalities' who attended. We are expecting quite a number of foreign visitors.

We have recently had the pleasure of entertaining those two grand American visitors here, Jay Marshall and Frances Ireland. Jay secured for himself two of the real plums of the British Entertainment world, the Savoy Hotel Cabaret and the Palladium, where he opens this Easter week. It is nice to know that he will be around during the Circle Jubilee Celebrations at the end of the month, although prevented by contract from appearing in any of the shows. Frances Ireland will be well known to those who familiarise themselves with American publications, and her books are highly rated. She also write a page in the U.S. monthly Genii, runs the Ireland magic business

Frances and Jay, with my wife, Helen, and the two little ones, in Hampton Court Palace Gardens.

in Chicago, and specialises in Children's entertainments as well. Jay and Frances were married a little over six months ago and for both of them it is the fulfilment of a lifetime's dream, to visit England. We had the pleasure of showing them around Hampton Court and introducing them to an English fairground, on which subject Frances is to write a special paper when she returns. Firstly, however, they will be visiting the Continent to make a brief but wide tour.

The Magic Circle have finished the redec-oration of their clubrooms, to the tune of much and varied comment. General opinion seems that it savours of a mixture of a funeral parlour and fairground sideshow. Suffice it to say that it is not decoration in the accepted sense as one would decorate a home, but a fantastic striving after effect, which might impress visitors to a ghost show u

Vampire Club" Meets Again


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