Max Andrews

Sophisticated Silk Sequel by ALI

Doubtless many magicians are in possession of the Max Andrews' Sophisticated Silk —that excellent effect where-in the performer produces a white silk handkerchief which is unfortunately soiled with the telltale imprints of lipsticked lips. Nonchalantly, however, the performer draws his hand down the incriminating handkerchief and miraculously the lipsticked imprints disappear— leaving the silk as lily-white and immaculate as if it has just been freshly laundered.

I like this effect and have "cooked up" the following sequel for it. It makes a really solid compere item.

There is at present on the market, pur-chaseable at novelty and joke shops, a plastic novelty called "CUPID LIPS". These are a rich red, perfectly moulded imitation of a pair of lips that might well adorn any glamour girl. They are intended to fit over your own lips but for our purposes we "palm" them. (Incidentally, I bought mine from Woolworth's Price 4d.)

The routine is proceeded with as described in the first paragraph (with the CUPID LIPS hidden in the right hand) to the accompanying patter. "Sorry Folks" (as silk is produced and displayed besmirched with rouge) "This is the result of my saying Goodnight to my girl friend last night. I asked her for a kiss and she kissed me. Now another, I said, just one for the road. So she got down AND KISSED THE ROAD. NOT silly, I said, GIVE ME YOUR LIPS—AND SHE DID —HERE THEY ARE !"

Here performer transfers the spotless silk from his right hand to his left and triumphantly displays the LIPS held in his right hand. (T.V. PERFORMING RIGHTS RESERVED).

Production of Spring Goods by S. A

it isn't always easy to avoid a fumble when taking locked spring goods from a production box, and an erratic spring can upset the goods yet to be produced. Further, there is always the danger of some article exposing itself prematurely over the rim !

The following idea might perhaps be useful to other amateur magicians who use a porduction box which works on the diagonal mirror principal.

My own box is a 6" cube job and the load section behind the mirror is divided off by thin plywood partitions in the manner shown in the accompanying sketch. Each section is dimensioned to take the particular spring article, and when these are compressed into position, they are held by the top spring strip, which is pivotted by means of a screw across each opening. The spring goods are not themselves locked by fasteners.

It is a simple matter to reach into the box, push the retainer aside with the thumb and allow the spring article to rise naturally against the palm as it is produced. Spring flowers can be compressed and slid into the narrow pockets in this way, strings uppermost for removal, no retaining band being necessary. Siiks can be similarly treated.

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