Max Andrews

(Vampire) Ltd. 10/11 ARCHER STREET, LONDON, W.l.

What a difficult time of the year this is! Sometimes we are slack after Christmas, and sometimes, as this year, we are rushed off our feet, as though our magic-hungry public had only just heard how good some of our tricks really are. Inevitably, however, we have to put up with shortage of supplies due to depleted stocks from the pre-Xmas rush, and shortage of staff from seasonal maladies which attack engineers, despatch staff and managers alike. These are but the minor headaches of a dealer who is supposed to live up to his reputation, and give a fast delivery service.

All of us here have our share of chills in turn, but with fingers crossed, are all fit and well at the time of writing, which is early February, and working frantically to catch up with all former services. If we have let you down in any way, please forgive us, and keep in mind that one third more magicians decided to make their seasonal puchases with us, than ever before !

We are happy to be able to tell you that in compensation, we have elaborate schemes under way which will make all our previous efforts -dwarf by comparison. Re-organisation along modern lines will make for increased efficiency in every direction ,and our expansion at present includes additional office premises and a new two storey factory which we have acquired in South London. These will relieve the accumulated pressure on our Archer Street premises, which have for so long been a source of amazement to those privileged to have seen behind the scenes!

The tremendously crowded yet orderly stockrooms . . . with shelves from floor to ceiling on all four walls and only just enough room to walk around and collate the orders . . . the integration of all rooms without doors and many persons popping in and out . . . the small office yet containing three desks and the paraphernalia of business . . . twice a week piled high with parcels, as our clerk Roy

Prestney-Archer, struggles with the intricacies of export declaration forms to all countries of the World. The most difficult we had this year was with money received from Shanghai, in Red China, and conveyed to us through Czechoslovakia.

When Roy typed this out he reminded me that he no longer struggles ... I acknowledge that this was a figure of speech ... he is indeed, most proficient.

I am now on my way to Leeds, the first of the minor conventions, and if we can possibly manage it we will include a report in this issue.

Readers who possibly have not heard, will I know be sorry to hear of the very serious illness of Mrs. Charles Sowden, wife of our esteemed friend and printer of this magazine. Charles Sowden. Miss Mary Sowden (the real boss!) and Charles, have really had their work cut out to keep the work moving through smoothly whilst making almost daily trips to the Manchester Hospital, but we are cheered now with the news that Mrs. Sowden, though not yet completely recovered, is being allowed to come home, so our best wishes are conveyed for her speedy recovery.

By the way, we hear that the Prince of Wales Hotel. H.Q. for the next I.B.M. Convention at Southport, is now completely booked up. There are. of course, many other splendid hotels just nearby, so make up your minds to book early, and if you want to make a week's holiday of it, we understand the tide comes in on Tuesdays and Fridays. Anyway best confirm all details with Eddie Dexter.

Since he is one of the prime organisers on any convention, we expect great things this year when he is working on his home ground. (Get cracking, Eddie).

Well, a lot of important things have yet to find space in the Magazine, so will close now.


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