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in other words the centre of the edge nearest yourself. The thumb, with the coin, goes underneath and the right hand then continues to raise the hanky.

When about half the hanky is raised off the table, the right hand lowers very slightly, causing the hanky to sag and the coin is allowed to fall. The slight sag in the material will deaden any noise. See Figure 4. The hanky is then lifted completely from the table and coin shown to be UNDERNEATH THE CENTRE OF THE HANKY, as against it being on top of the centre at the start.

If you have been patient enough to read so far, you will not need reminding that the effect can be carried out with a borrowed marked coin. This will merely entail you having the pellet of wax, attached to the thread, ready to press on to the coin, just as you place it on the edge of the table, right at the start. At the conclusion the lender may pick up and identify his own coin, and there goes another WANGLfi WITH WAX.

Yours Magically,

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