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it is an extraordinary thing that in the Magic Trade, which for purposes of classification is usually included in the the Toy trade, although we have been working since last January with the Christmas peak of business constantly before our eyes, yet here we are, with Christmas only six weeks away, and the general report in from stores, etc., is that the public do not yet 'have the Christmas Spirit.' That means that they are not buying their things they should and will buy later on!

I can only suppose that a lot of the purchasing one does at Xmas is of the obligatory type, and so people subconsciously delay spending their money. With the professional and semi-professional magician however, magic is a business, and no business has ever been run successfully unless it was reasonably well capitalised.

That is quite right, you may say, and I have capitalised my magic by putting in years of study and practice and acquiring apparatus so that I could launch out as a public entertainer. If you have done this, then it is very right and proper. I have been struck however, on numerous occasions when some performers have been to consult me about some new items for their act, that they openly admit that they have been working the same unaltered act for years, and when they find that their clientele has slowly disappeared, they rush in to see us and expect us to perform a miracle and give them something to get it back overnight,

Are you sure that you arc not taking it out of your magic business with both hands? Make up your mind, if you have never made New Year Resolutions before, that in 1953

you will allocate a certain percentage of your takings to improving your act. Why not have your old props, replated, woodwork repolished and repainted. By the way—-here is a good tip and one I always used—keep all metal props, wrapped in pieces of cloth. It stops them getting scratched as they move round in your case, and stops the plating getting a bloom on it.

Well, here's wishing you, our readers all round the World, a very Happy Chris mas from the editorial chair. May we have an even bigger band of readers by this time next year, and we look forward to having a helping hand from anyone who cares to offer us one, in 1953.

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to the men in the field. Went from Normandy to Germany with the B.L.A. Once travelled 120 miles in deep snow to give a Christmas show to. the lads and suffered two car crashes during the trip, and finished the journey on a truck load of bombs.

His most amusing incident was after performing the Amazing Memory Feat in the dressing room for friends. He was standing in the wings and the stage manager inquired if he was ready On replying "yes" the stage manager said "Well where's your tie". In the excitement the tie had been forgotten!

We feel sure that Roy Baker will achieve even greater eminence in the magical firmament in the near future.


an Appendix by L H. SLIPPER

The following is a Routine using "Soft Diamonds'.

Effect.—On the table is a tumbler standing on a large packet of Players Cigarettes, and a Jumbo Card, i.e. "Three of Diamonds."

Performer states that Playing Cards undergo surgical operations like anything else. For instance, every time they are used, you ask someone to cut them, but this time I am going to do the cutting instead, and perform a surgical feat and remove the appendix of the 3 of Diamonds.

The glass tumbler is filled with "Milk" or "Beer" from a jug, and the performer displays an empty envelope and a Jumbo Card, i.e. the Three of Diamonds. The envelope should be size 8" x 5". After showing this to the audience, the Card is placed into the envelope which has a smal! hole in the centre on both sides. The envelope and Card are then laid flat on top of the glass. Taking up a pair of tweezers performer pokes down into the hole with them and commences to pull from out of the Card a stream of coloured paper which will eventually completely hide the glass and cover the table.

The envelope is removed, Card withdrawn, and shown intact, the milk is poured back into the jug and performer extracts a Cigarette from the packet and lights up, and the audience are left wondering where it all came from.

Requirements. Vampire "Soft Diamonds," Okito Class, Mouth Coils, tweezers, and P ayers Cigarette Carton (20) size.

Preparation.—A small hole about the size of sixpence is cut in the cover of the carton, and a mouth coil is loaded in the tray. Attached to the centre free end of the coil is a piece of black thread, stiffened with Durofix (or similar substance) which stands on the centre of the Okito Class, which stands on the carton, over the hole (see diagram).

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