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It is almost with a sense of relief that one returns from a Convention. As a dealer of course, I have the satisfaction of feeling that a job of work has been well done, and I know that our van that came down from London to collect the goods, certainly went home with a lighter load than when it arrived the previous week.

It is lovely to see all one's old friends again, but the strain of living in a big hotel, in close proximity to so many people, and rushing from one function or meeting to another, is certainly wearying, and when you throw in two or three hectic and late night parties, I can assume that most others are as glad to get home and get some sleep as I was.

Without any shadow of doubt, I think I can honestly say that this was the most beautifully organised Convention it has ever been my p'easure to attend. No doubt the fact that it was within the reasonable reach of our stalwart organisers, had a lot to do with it. I happen to know for a fact that Bill Stickland and Poppy made no less than six special journeys to Brighton during the season, to give personal supervision to the hundred and one problems which crop up during the planning. How lucky we are that we have a man like Bill, so capable and willing, to undertake this work and look after our interests so efficiently.

Our thanks are due also to Jeff Atkins, the Assistant Secretary, the members of the Committee, the local Brighton Magicians, who carried out so much of the detail work, and to anyone else who worked to make the whole thing the success it surely was. Sometimes, of course, certain events in the past have been scheduled to be held in a certain place, and on arrival the amenities have been unsuitable, but these things are not always the fault of any concern except the magicians. So many who attend do nothing about registering until they actually arrive. How they expect the organisers to know just how many to cater for is a real mystery. Anyway, I can certainly say that I heard no magicians grumble at all.

The surprise 'hit' Trick of the whole Convention was universally acknowledged to be "Fairy-Light", the tantalising tapers. When George Blake performed his routine for this item, the large audience watching fairly gasped. They could not believe their eyes, for nothing so close to a real miracle had been seen in magic for a long time. After the Dealer's Demonstration closed there was a big rush, and we completely sold out a large stock by the end of the day. Check on our advert for this and do not waste time getting it.

By the way, for the great number of you who can only judge by, the press reports exactly what happened on the occasion of Esme Levante's proposed Manacled Jump from the pier head at Brighton, I can certainly tell you the truth, for I was there. A professional high diver had been performing all the season there, and he had cancelled his act a day or two before, owing to the gradually mounting high seas, and on the day of the 15th, the swell was really tremendous, and certainly likely to be over-powering. The big point was that it was too dangerous to even launch a boat to stand by, and the Pier Manager judged that it was his personal responsibility to see that no one took undue risks on his pier. This decision was endorsed by all who were out there, at least by the magicians. Just what the Levante family thought I cannot say, but I do know they were bitterly disappointed.

Well, this is the beginning of the Winter Season again and I have pleasure in reminding you that the Vampire Club commences operations again on the last Friday in each month, as usual (December excepted). For this month's meeting, viz: October, I know our stalwart Claude Manley has an attractive Floor Show already arranged. If any of you wish to appear on these shows please contact Claude direct, or through us by writing.

That's all for now, so cheerio,

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