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From al! reports we have received, and in our studios we get a good cross section of opinion from all over the country, magicians and associated entertainers certainly 'wenr to town' over the Coronation period, and we sincerely hope that both they and the organisers of shows were satisfied with the results.

Our star salesman Lenz, told us about one of the shows which he did on Coronation Day. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, the organisers were compelled to find some cover for the children, instead of having the party in the street, as planned. They found an adjacent empty house, forced an entry somehow and he finished up with eighty five children in an extremely small space. But still, as most performers know, who have seen Lenz at work on the I.B.M. Convention Children's Show, he can obviously handle the kiddies under any conditions, and he certainly had no difficulty on this occasion.

I have just had one of the biggest surprises of my life. It happened to be the lunch hour . . . everyone seemed to be out except the young man in the office and myself. Of course it would so happen that one of our engineers turned up with a carload of spinnings. As I went downstairs to see the goods, a tall Indian in a long blue coat walked round the corner. No! surely not. Yes, it was ir.deed none other than P. C. Sorcar himself.

He was surely looking smoother and plumper than before, for it is three years since I saw him in our studio after our joint excursion to rhe U.S.A. He is certainly full of smiles, and is really enjoying himself going the round of London Theatre Shows and studying stage conditions and audience reaction in this country.

Fred Kaps has just been in to see us, with his charming partner, and they are currently playing the Dorchester Hotel Nighr Spot. Later he goes to the Bagatelle and in September returns for a period to play the Palladium.

A litte bird has whispered to us thaiDavid Berglas, the up and coming cabaret star who is currently playing the Savoy, is arranging a big publicity stunt in the way of a Blindfold Drive with one of the big weekly illustrated papers. We wish you luck David. By fhe way we understand that the reason why he broke the season's record on the Cresta Run in Switzerland last winter was because he was too nervous to appiy the brake! Perhaps some enterprising magician will invent a gimmick to enable David to do this twice nightly, for the management offered to put him on contract next season ! !

Let's hope the sun breaks out by the time you read this—best wishes.

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