Max Andrews


It would seem that magic has soared to what must surely be a new peak !evel of popularity, judging by the tremendous demand we are experiencing for our goods. We feel sure that this augers well for the professional fraternity, for even if a large part of all depot trade is with the amateurs, there is nothing the amateur likes better than watching the professional at work.

Recent'y we were visitors to the Bristol Society of Magicians and were given a great welcome by the assembled members. We were able to give them a pre-view of some of our New Exciusives which were being held in readiness for the I.B.M. Convention at Hastings, and the approval with which these items were greeted, showed us that we had selected lines that were certain to win popularity.

The Hastings Convention is only a memory now, but I for one will always look on it as a very happy time. Everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

The Winter season that seems now to be with us, brings its own reward, for we can look forward to regular magic club meetings, and by the time you read this we shall have had the first Vampire Club meeting of the

Season—on October 31st. last. The Magic Circle, The Institute of Magicians and the London Society of Magicians have all arranged very full programmes for their members. Our great regret is, that with the growth of the manufacturing side of our business, and now the magazine, we do not have as much time to attend the club shows as we should wish.

The Magic Circle Week of Magic brought many visitors to Town, both from all over England, and some from the Continent. There was a continual procession through our Studio and it was certainly heartening to see so many o d friends.

I wou'd like to take this opportunity of thanking those who send letters of congratulations, or who put complimentary remarks in their letters when ordering. It is impossible to reply to all, as the business side of the orders has our most urgent attention, but believe me, it is much appreciated.

By the way, if you are not a subscriber but on'y a casual purchaser of our Magic Magazine ... do not miss the December issue! That's all.


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