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Whilst there is no close season for magic, this is the time of year when the magician has the opportunity to brush up his ideas and to look ahead to the period when he will be expected to 'come along' with something fresh.

Recent travels to Holland, Switzerland and various English cities have given me added proof that the newer generation of magicians is dead keen to make our art more lively and keep it in line with the modern outlook. Everywhere I have been, I have seen evidence of the move to give old tricks a new angle and to introduce "the latest".

Why not? Nothing has done so much to keep magic a subsidiary entertainment than a lack of enterprise, which leads to audiences saying (if only to themselves) "the usual tricks, you know". Yet it is astonishing, how the most "usual" things can be given a new appeal; either by way of presentation, or by adroit twists that lift a show on to a new plane.

That is one of the things we try to keep in mind in connection with MAGIC MAGAZINE. Not all the brand new tricks surpass the old ones; and it is a fact that many of the standard ones are still superb. Although, for example, the secret of the Chinese Rings has been given away, even in the cheap-price stores, only an experienced performer can do the trick with finesse. Further the performer who presents this and other famous magical feats with polish or in a freshened form, still completely confounds the people who have only a superficial knowledge of the modus operandi.

The magician's chances for the coming season are brighter than for many moons. Next year will see the Coronation, with every locality having its own celebrations. One publishing firm has even got out a play in

which magic is introduced. Colour and variety will be the keynotes of most entertainments, thus providing a wide field for the magician.

Before that, however, there is the nearby winter season. Will it be different from any other? The MAGIC MAGAZINE thinks it will, for several reasons. The professional Theatre, Television, Hotels and Cabaret organisers have all leaned more towards magic in recent times—perhaps not just the same old magic, but the type of show that intrigues people in these days of questioning, caricature and a love of the unusual. The success of the Piddingtons on the one hand and Tommy Cooper on the other is fully indicative of the turn in the tide.

If all goes to show a desire to get out of the rut, and a recognition that audiences are changing. Children are considered by some magicians to be more 'difficult' than they used to be. But would it not be wiser to argue that they are more advanced and must, therefore, be approached with more consideration for their modern minds? Like their parents their sense of humour and their quicker degree of perception should be accepted and catered for.

Forgive us, readers if we have sounded a little heavy-handed this time. These things are vital and, we feel, need saying. So, in our get-togethers and in our reading and choosing, let us search for the new in fun and ideas. Let's also help each other to keep magic in its true place—that of the miraculous, the entertaining, the stuff of dreams!

Here's hoping your holiday has blown away the cobwebs, and given you the zest that makes the cards fan slicker, the production-box brighter in its contents, and the rabbit flap his ears as knowingly as they do in Birmingham !

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