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We have had several letters to date and together with expressions of opinion heard in our Studio, we feel that our Xmas Number was a real success. I wonder if any of you ever stop to think of the work at the back of a publication such as this. The liaison of artists, photographers, writers, editors, contributors, and printers! It should be a whole time job to get this out every month, but it is in fact, only a spare time problem. However, you as a reader certainly get good value for money for it is a non-profit making concern. If it were not, you would be paying almost double the price! We do make a profit indirectly of course, from the advertising matter, and so we are both satisfied.

Our apologies are due to two people for omission of acknowledgements in our December issue. The first is to John Young for kind permission to reproduce the photographs of the Magic Circle Festival of Magic, which first appeared in the "Magic Circular". Secondly we would like to pay a tribute to Jim Roberts, of India. This young artiste has on several occasions sent us very fine wash drawings on magical subjects, and we thought

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audience howling; Dominique, the young French wizard currently playing New York Night Clubs and T.V.; and in star spot, the Old Master, The Great Harry Blacks'one, with a demonstration of the Blackstone showmanship that has made him internationally famous; and last but not leasv Russel Delmar, Manager of the Magic Centre, where Slydini gives his magic lessons. At the piano throughout the show was Bill Doerfel, who appeared through the courtesy of Frank Clinton.

In the audience, joining the festivities of the evening and later over the midnight coffee cups and close-up table magic, at a neighbouring restaurant, were Dia Vernon, Judge George Stark, Frank Clinton, president of the Peonies; Chet Karkut, Past President of the New Haven you would be interested to see the one which we reproduced as an art plate in December. Since the artist has not seen Lenz for more than fifteen years and has never seen me at all, I think the likenesses are remarkable. The only thing is that he has set in my heart a yearning to wear a gorgeous turban like the one depicted, and I feel that if I ever do an act again (I said "if"), it will be an Indian Act! Thank you very much Jim, for your kindness in sending the pictures.

It is not yet Christmas as I write but the predicted snow has already reached the South and everywhere is white this morning. I have been on the phone to the office, and the "boys" tell me they are doing their best to cope with a real giant snowball of mail, so I hope those of you who sent in at the last minute, in spite of all warnings, get at least some of the items you want. We shall keep sending out until Xmas Eve, so do not worry if you receive part order, the balance will follow just as soon as it is humanly possible to make it, and, after the brief spell of four days we'll all be back making again for your 1953 requirements.

Ring, I.B.M.; Harold Gierie, president of the Walter Coleman Ring of Nassau County ,I.B.M; Walter Coleman, Past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians; Edmund Balducci; Docweiss, The Spirit of Houdini; Prof. Jack Miller and a host of other well known personalites in magic, representing, the Society of American Magicians, The Magician's Guild of America, The Knights of Magic and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

On the Committee of Arrangements for this Slydini Nite, which will go down in magical history were the following magicians: Lew Dick, chairman; Harry Blackstone, Harry Roz-on, Docweiss, Rowland Goodman, Dr. Ben Braude, Alan Engel, William Hall, Walter Maas and Joseph J. jeliinek.

"Star of Magic Award" Plaque

Presented to SLYDINI

Report by LEW DICK Secretary Ring 26. I.B.M., U.S.A.

In publishing this report, I do so in the personal knowledge that the presentation was fully justified. I had the pleasure of meeting Slydini when I was in the U.S.A. for the I.B.M* —S.A<M. Convention in 1950, and he was kind enough to put on a special demonstration for the British Boys, in a private apartment. He is^ without doubt, one of the World's leading exponents of sleight of hand combined with perfect misdirection, and I sincerely hope we shaK one day have the pleasure of seeing him here at an I.B.M. Convention in England.

Incidentally, I would like to ba remembered to a number of other people who attended, including Walter Coleman, Jack Mii er, Dai Vernon, Rowland Goodman, George jason, and my very good friend Harry Black-stone.—Editor.

SLYDINI, internationally famous magician, and teacher of magicians, was tendered a testimonial dinner in his honour, and was presented with "The Star of Magic Award" Piaque, Wednesday evening, September 24th at the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel, 58th Street and 6th Avenue, New York City. The presentation was made by Joseph J. Jeilinek, president of RING 26 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

The Dinner took place in the Magnolia Room of the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel, and was well attended by some outs anding magicians. The presentation of the "Star of Magic Award" plaque, the Oscar of the magic profession, was made that same evening in the Salon de Musique at the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel.

In making the presentation on behalf of Ring 26, I.B.M, President Jeilinek said, "Slydini is being presented with this bronze plaque in honour, and in recognition of the great debt that the magic art owes him. With no other tools than his own hands and personality he became a symbol of the heights that can be reached in this oldest of arts. When he was advised that he was the first magician selected to receive this award, he was most modest and reluctant to accept, declaring there were others more deserving."

Jeilinek then read the plaque which contains the following legend: "The Star of

Magic Award, Presented by New York Ring No. 26, International Brotherhood of Magicians, To SLYDINI For His Great Contributions To The Advancement of the Art of Magic" Slydini in accepting the plaque, was so moved that he could barely speak, but he thanked the magicians and their wives, most humbly, and then added, "I've stopped the show a few times in my day, but to-night you have stopped my heart." The applause and acclaim could be heard on Broadway.

Slydini, whose real name is Quintino Marucci, was born in Alberona, Central Italy. While still a youngster he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to live with an uncle, and came to the United States with no academic knowledge whatsoever of the Art of Magic. He was entirely self taught; no books; no tutors; an innate sense of misdirection, developed through his high powered suggestion and his tremendous capacity for sincerity and his inimitable mannerisms.

Although he speaks Italian and Spanish like a native of those countries, as indeed he was, his explanations and patter are usually in English.

He has been acclaimed from coast to coast as a supershowman and teacher. Two cross-continental tours under the sponsorship of the late Ralph Read enabled thousands of magicians to see his amazing and unique sleigh; of hand. He has given most generously of his time and talents to the Armed Forces, Hospitals and Recreation Centres.

The entire evening was dedicated to Slydini and the program for the evening was arranged by Lew Dick, Harry Roz-on and Harry Blackstone.

Lew Dick acted as Master of Ceremonies and introducing the following well known magicians: Norman Nagel, a Slydini pupil, who was one of the Stars of the Boston Convention Banquet Show; Monsieur Victor Brunard, the Fabulous Frenchman, who presented a terrific vent act; Frank Garcia and Jackie Flosso, who did fast and furious comedy magic; George Jason, whose brand of comedy magic had the

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