Max Andrews


Welcome to our third issue. To those who so valiantly gave their support by subscribing before the first issue appeared in print, we are glad we can substantiate their confidence by giving much bigger value than they expected.

The 32 page edition has received a great welcome from all sides and it is our only regret that we had to keep some purchasers of single copies waiting, owing to a COMPLETE SELL OUT !

We did in this instance, decide to do a reprint, so as not to disappoint those who have only just got to hear about our magazine, and want to collect a complete set. Last minute rush, and larger demands from overseas than we had expected, occasioned this dilemma, but since we shall not in any future instance reprint, we strongly advise you to make sure of your copy by subscribing.

It is the misfortune of a monthly that we are only able to reply to correspondence, etc., after a long interval. The criticism we have received has been mostly trivial, but the reasons why we have done this and that usually have a sound psychological foundation, based on my graduation in the hard school of experi ence as a magical dealer. I know magicians, and what they think, but I refuse to reveal my reasons to anyone!'

Gaffer Goodliffe ... I beg his pardon, I should has said Goodliffe's grammatical gaffe, which he managed to find in one article, was about the strongest fault. I should imagine it took him as long to find as he claims my title did. Quite frankly my title for the magazine took a heck of a long time to select, but for the same motives as outlined above ... I am leaving it at that.

So there you are my friends. You pay your money and take your choice. I sincerely hope you like this magazine. It is probably not your ideal of what a magic magazine should be like, but remember everyone has different ideals, and we try to include as wide a range of interests as possible. If you can get only one gag, idea or advertisement that you can make use of, then we think you have had good value.

We have many good things up our editorial sleeve, but if you think you can help, we welcome suggestions.


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