Max Andrews

The international correspondence which comes to me through the business and the magazine, is one of the things that help to make my life very interesting. The very live interest taken by overseas readers in the very small and personal happenings in our Magic World over here, shows that our efforts to publicise these happenings are not made in vain, and the satisfaction one gets from this knowledge is it's own reward.

In a letter from B. Lu Brent recently received, he asks us to mention that he is a collector of all types of phoney stage money, or certificates printed to resemble currency, usually found in the magic world. If anyone has one of these to spare and would care to send it, his address is: 1212 Liberty Street, Camden 4, N.J., U.S.A.

So successful have been the Brains Trust Sessions which has been organised in

the Vampire Ciub during the season that we propose to extend the idea to the magazine. Readers who have purchased the annual subscription, may have the privilege of submitting their pet problem f°r the Brains Trust to solve ! The questions and answers will be pub'¡shed from time to time. We will not set out to solve technical problems of making such as how to stick glass to glass, or anything of this nature. What we will do is to try to find a practical explanation to produce any effect which you may wish to perform. Pipedreams if you like . . . perhaps we may make them come true! We reserve the right, however, to throw out anything obviously absurd. So now delve down into your files, and send us your problems.

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I have accompanied him to several of his shows. His organisation is such that, within ten minutes of arriving at the hall he is ready to go on. From a large cream coloured trailer, the assistants have filled a large stage with big and small illusions, various productions and vanish boxes, decorative stands, etc. Frank's presentation leaves nothing to be desired. The way he gets on terms with his audience is amazing and they love him for it.

Frank literally exudes magic, and he is visited by amateurs and professionals alike. Long may he continue to propagate the Art of Magic.

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