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For the first time in many years I have missed the Dutch National Magic Convention, and from all accounts I have missed a really first class show. It always is good of course, and this year was unusual, as a British artiste was the star attraction—none other than the famous magical Night Club Queen—June.

This is the time of the year when nearly all magicians are "conventionally" minded, and we hear that the second National German Convention is to be held this year at Nuremberg, from August 31st. to September 3rd. A great array of talent has been convened, and the Headquarters Hotel is the Deutche Hof. The largest theatre there, the Lessing Theatre is booked for all the 'magic for magicians' shows, whilst the Grand Public Gala will be held at the Opera House. Having had occasion to see a real opera performed in the Opera House not so very long ago, I can say that a more wonderful setting for a magic show could hardly be chosen . . . providing they keep empty the boxes which too closely overlook the edge of the stage. I see by a newscutting in front of me that it has already received enormous publicity in the German press, and anyone contemplating attending should write to the KONGKES-BURO, LANDGRABENSTRASSE 136, NUREMBERG, GERMANY.

ation or registration forms should write to Jeff Atkins, 176, Hill Lane, Southampton.

Do not delay on this, for we learn that over 350 Registrations have been received to date, which is a record for this time of the year. Incidentally one of the leading stars on the Gala Show will be my old friend Johnny Giordmaine from Canada. He is a small man with a big personality, and a full time professional magician. In the day time he runs the magic department for one of the big stores over there. It is six years since I saw him in Chicago and his son Joseph, who was a lad then, is of course grown up now. I look forward very much to seeing you again Johnny, and I can assure you of a great welcome and a grand time whilst you stay in this country.

I shall not give you further information . . . It is up to you to find out about the wonderful attractions which make this event so popular each year. I hear the Craigs are coming over here again and no doubt a host of other interesting visitors will be in from the Continent. Dr. Zina Bennett is returning again from the U.S.A., as also is Koke Cecil from New Jersey. Those of you who are not doing shows at this time of the year certainly have a wonderful opportunity of seeing shows performed.

Needless to mention is the fact that our own I.B.M. Convention at Brighton is fast approaching. Many magicians are not aware that they can attend without actually being members of the I.B.M. The convention is open to everyone, particularly visitors from abroad, and those requiring inform

For myself, I'll be going the rounds, and probably I'll be seeing you.

As ever,

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