Max Andrews


As I write this, towards the end of June, Max is enjoying a holiday, maybe in an attempt to get away from "all this Magic stuff". I do hope that he succeeds, but I ha' me doots, for this magic bug is the most difficult insect, hobby, pastime, or what you like to call it, to get away from.

It lurks round every corner! The more you try to forget it, the more you run into it. A quick one at the bar, and you're almost bound to bump up against someone who knows a trick or two. You'll see him at another table setting matches out in squares for his victim to rearrange, or maybe he is showing a friend how to get a beer label on the inside of a bottle. You can't get away from it.

It maybe that there are no performers actually in the bar, but a theatre programme stares you in the face and a familiar magical name is prominent. Maybe not occupying top-of-the-bili, but prominent to you because you happen to know him or of him. Or you go to a show merely taking a chance as to what is on, and there is almost bound to be someone perform a trick or a stunt. It may be the compere doing a quickie to fill in the time, or it may be a full magical act, that you hadn't noticed on the bill. You can't get away from it.

Shop window gazing, ¡t may be that a particular window dressing gives you an idea for a trick or a setting, a toyshop has something on display which you think might be used in a kiddies effect. At the pictures, there is likely to be a magician, or a card sharper, or even a puppeteer in the plot, or the newsreel shows you a daring stunt, fire-walking, fire-eating, or underwater escapes being performed. You can't get away from it.

You might have been 'lucky' and missed all the above, and you might thus be congratulating yourself on having dodged it all, when, suddenly, you are faced with a Magical Depot, or even a Noveity Shop, where books and tricks are prominently displayed. If you are at Southport you'll even find one down below pavement level in a gents convenience !! You can't get away from it.

Come to think of it, who the heck wants to get away from it all? I have, on odd occasions, heard of fellows deserting magic for aM time, or so it is said, but I'm open to wager that such few fellows as there are who have given up the game would admit that magic is still in their blood, and only the necessary spark is needed to bring to life again. No, you can't get away from it.

By the time you read this, Max will be bacK again, in full harness, and maybe he'Pl try to kid you all that he spent a marvellous holiday and forgot all about magic. On the other hand it might be that he has had some interesting experiences during his holiday, and, it might be that, having read this guest-editorial, he will tell us all about them. At any rate I'm sure he will write a better Editorial than I have done, and you can't get away from that !

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