Max Andrews

(Vampire) Ltd. 10/11 ARCHER STREET, LONDON, W.l,

No doubt the curiosity of many of you was aroused by our simple bald announcement in the last month's magazine, and more lately in "Abra" adverts, to the effect that our entire business would be closed during the week of March 14th to 19th inclusive, for re-organisation.

For a year or two past it has only been possible for us to carry on our ever increasing volume of business, under extreme difficulties. Severe lack of space has meant limitation on stock carrying, which today is on 700 different lines, and also on staff, for there was absolutely no room for anyone else to work.

However, after much trial and tribulation, we have a few months ago acquired new factory premises in South London, and this move is to take advantage of the now decorated premises where modern streamlined layout will take care of production and stockkeeping, particularly for Wholesale and Export Business.

We now feel in Archer Street that we can Teally take a deep breath ... the first for a very long time. We have had for two years at this address, or at least in the same building, another office and stockroom, unbeknown to all but the very few who have been persistent enough to want to dig out friend Eddie Joseph . Here in th is office it has been his wont to hibernate from the English Winter for the past two years or so, and cook up his eternal mysteries, apart from such mundane things as clerical work in helping to keep the "Vampire" wings flapping. Now however, this stockroom has been cleared, and in its rebuilt and re-decorated form, it constitutes a new private office for your humble editor. Taking into consideration all his multifarious activities, he considers this both due and justified . . . even if the staff do not! !

I am writing this on the eve of the morning, and I am proud to be able to say, that by keeping our two packers going strong all the time, we were able to keep our promise and clear every single order capable of being sent, before the moving starts. Naturally, afterwards we shall have to re organise our Archer Street Studio, and at this stage ali I can tell you is that we shall be working on it, and that we 'hope' to have something to show for our efforts by the end of April, in time for the Magic Circle Jubilee Celebrations. Some of you may like to make this time one of your week's hoLday, for you can take in London, the Dealers, and the Jubilee, with incidentally, the right to see the inside of the Magic Circle's famous Clubrooms.

From current reports, it would seem that the Jubilee will be graced by the largest number of foreign visiting magicians ever seen at any one British gathering. Jay Marshall and his new wife, Frances Ireland, arrive here on the 25th of March, for Jay has to appear in the Savoy Cabaret on 28th for two weeks. Later on April 11th. he goes to the Palladium for another two-weekly period, so you should see him around.

Also America's horrible Man of Magic. Richard Himber, is due to be over soon with a colleague, Karrell Fox, one of the younger comedy men of the U.S., whose name will be familiar to some of you. There will, of course, be the usual Continental contingent. Henk Vermeyden, Cas Ziekman, Guy Bert, and a number of other magical enthusiasts besides some Continental Acts.

We should mention, for the benefit of our country readers, that the Circle have just announced a Special Week-end Registration, to cover the Gala Show, Cy Endfield's Lecture and the Scarne Film. 'Abracadaborough' Show, and Brochure and Badge. The whole will^ost One Guinea to Members and Members Ladies, and 25/- to non-members.

We sincerely hope that those of you who do come to Town will not miss paying us a visit. Do not forget that Archer Street lays just at the back of Shaftesbury Avenue, between the Lyric and Windmill Theatres . Anyway, we intend to hang a sign out whilst the show is on, so that may help you to quickly locate our very secluded, but now very much enlarged and improved Magical Rendezvous.


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