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As many of our readers already know, we do business both wholesale and retail in all parts of the World. Ideas on what is good magic and what is not, vary considerably between the East and the West, as some of our recent experiences have brought to light.

Most readers will remember the account published recently of the 'miracles' performed in Lebanon by a certain doctor and the painting of a new Rembrandt by the artist's 'ghost'. We heard recently of a case where one of his disciples purchased a picture in London, held it for a while and then returned it to the dealer complaining that it was a fake ! For the quoted price of forty five pounds odd no good picture of any antiquity could be purchased. Could it be that there is any link between the two circumstances ?

Incidentally, we have learned a lot about the East, by experience, and if any other Magical Dealer contemplates selling to Beyrouth or Lebanon, we invite them to contact us as we will be able to help them with information which would certainly make the whole business much easier.

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