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I expect that this edition will receive more attention from our readers than the previous two, for by now, no doubt you will be sitting back quietly to enjoy a well earned rest from the season's entertaining activities.

This New Year period seems to have become firmly established now as the season of minor Conventions. The One Day Leeds Magic Circle show is on February 6th, followed by the second One Day Convention in Blackpool a week later. (I have not received information yet). Later on comes the Magic Circle's first Convention, to be held in London, and the first intimation to be published regarding the actual date comes from this week's 'Abra', who give it as the 27th. — 30th. of April. Magicians should make a special note of these dates, particularly the latter, as without doubt it will be a tremendous affair drawing many international visitors. Incidentally, this year is the time of the International Congres of Magicians (held once in three years) and due this year in Amsterdam, at the famous Krasnapolsky Hotel again. The thought revives old memories of the extremely happy times we have always spent in Holland, and the very first International Congres after the War was held there in 1946. Dutch Conventions are always extremely well organised, due to the untiring efforts of Henk Vermeyden and his band of helpers and we have no doubt that this year will be quite up to standard. The time, by the way, is approximately the end of August. I do not know the exact date as I am staying away from home as I write, but I do know that the provisionally fixed I.B.M. Convention at Harrogate was for exactly the same time, so perhaps it is most fortunate that the date and venue are now switched to Southport, September I4th. to 19th. The Headquarters Hotel is the Prince of Wales, in case any readers wish to book early.

We had the pleasure of broadcasting last week with Bran Johnson, B.B.C Chief of Outside Broadcasts. The occasion was at the Schoolboy's Exhibition in London, and as the microphone moved around, it came to rest on our Magic Shop stand, where we demonstrated and described several gags and tricks currently being offered to the boys there. The place was crowded at the time

and the affair provoked a lot of interest, and we heard later that it came over very successfully. Three days later, during a "Roving Camera" run through the Exhibition on Television, the adventures of a young lad were depicted, and he showed some of our items that he had bought at the Magic Shop. Most surprisng was the rush next day with boys wanting to buy the 'Magic Scarf' which produced a chicken, and great was their disappointment on learning the price! The boy, incidentally, played his part most creditably so I am told, but then he should have done, for he is a trained actor !

Our cheerful contributor Johnny Geddes, of Dundee, earned himself an overnight reputation (on Television, I mean) as an extremely funny magician. He took part in a Christmas Day Broadcast for the children, and presented that hilariously funny routine "The Tale of a Shirt". It was a riot of fun. and the routine seems to be very popular. Johnny gave this to us for the Magazine a long time ago, but we do not seem to have published it yet. Must check on this!

It is worth a fortune to a children's entertainer.

Incidentally, this encourages me to let you into a little secret. Johnny Geddes has written a book! Yes, it's true, and we have the manuscript for publication in the spring, so watch out for it, as it contains a big collection of the author's funniest practical magic, all hitherto unpublished material.

We had a fantastically busy Xmas Season, and orders are still piling in, so much so that we have not yet had a chance to tidy up stock room or studio. Must do that also some time . . . New Year resolution!

Cheerio for now—and keep smiling.

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