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I have heard from several magicians, on their London visit, that they are disappointed that the Vampire Club is not open in the Summer. The reasons why we close it are firstly, that from the way it is run, its success depends on getting a good crowd of magicians present. We have very large premises, and if only a dozen to twenty members turned up, they would be lost. The meetings are planned and programmes organised well in advance. Many magicians are on holidays during the closed months . . . and (keep it dark!) even my staff have to have time off sometimes. Yes, Lenz and Maurice have both benefited from a restful holiday, and are both now catching up with arrears of work whilst the other members of the firm take their holidays in turn.

Oniy the "Boss" as they so often call me, will not be going away from home this year. Having recently acquired a second daughter, and more recently a river launch, I shall take some time off and make some journeys up the Thames with my family. Having a garden with a river frontage certainly does have its advantages, though I can tell you that it's--

difficult to concentrate on writing to my readers, editing copy, planning adverts, etc., when whichever window I look through I see the shining river, always moving, and occasional boats passing through the lock which is right opposite.

I am just wondering whether I should cut such stuff as I have just written, for fear that someone may say "Well, what has that got to do with magic"? Well, it has a magic

and a secret all its own, and even if it only appeals to me, on second thoughts I'll leave it in.

We have had a spate of callers from all parts of England, but not so many from abroad as is usual at this time of the year. Perhaps last year was exceptional, with the Festival in full swing. We do know, however, that our old friends Mystic Craig and Elmer Eckam are again visiting us, in time for the I.B.M. Convention at Hastings, just why, out of all the magicians in America these two lone travellers keep coming back without any new faces to accompany them, is a mystery that I have yet to solve. This year five Britons are attending the Abbott Cet-Together at Colon, and I should have thought that there would have been a number of people who would have liked to see Great Britain and take in our Convention, and possibly the International Congress on the Continent as our other two friends do. Perhaps Americans think that our show is too small to bother with. I think they would be very surprised to learn that last year we had over 600 Registrations at Buornemouth, and having attended the biggest Convention of all time in Chicago in 1950, I can honestly say they have nothing on us in the running of these shows. I know several well boosted U.S.A. Conventions that do not get anything like that number attending.

Let's hope for better Anglo-American co-operation in the future and so, cheerio until next month.

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