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Just when the season had settled down to its usual humdrum existence between Winter and Summer Seasons, something has come along to give magicians a new interest and a topic for conversation. We refer to our New Catalogue.

First announced in "Abra", and in the April Magazine, we admit we sat for a few days with qualms as to whether magicians would take to it. It seems so easy to just get a Catalogue and look through it, with a blase comment, "H'mm, not bad". Unless anyone has knowledge of publicity printing, they can have literally no idea of the time, patience and ceaseless effort required to develop the embryo copy into a living thing. After several months of preparation, the new copy and layouts were given to our printers last July, and the interim period has been taken up with reading and checking proofs, make-up, rechecking, indexing, etc., etc. In point of fact, it is as good a trick as any we have ever offered and the tremendous response, even from the first day of advertising, has been very gratifying. We hope it will be ready at least within a few days of this magazine.

It is revolutionary in conception and presentation, and marks an epoch in Magical Catalogues so far as Great Britain is concerned, particularly since, with the exception of less than twenty items, every other one of the six hundred odd things listed is made either in one of the various Vampire Workshops, or otherwise expressly for us to our own design. We look forward to hearing what YOU think about it.

May we draw your especial attention to a paragraph disp'ayed elsewhere in this magazine regarding the I.B.M. British Ring Convention. We cannot too strongly remind you that if you wish to get in the headquarters hotel, the Métropole, you must book up early. In any case all the other hotels are very close by, and in this splendid venue, it cannot be other than a huge success. The time—Sept. 15th to 19th. inciusive.

Readers will be glad to learn that in spite of the fact that the present series of Edward Victor was quite limited, we have persuaded him to disclose some more of his pet manoeuvres, so that we have copy in hand for quite some time to come. Also we would just mention in passing that Eddie Joseph's new series has been hefd over this month to allow publication of a very fine topical effect of his on the H.-Bomb. The series will be resumed next month, with more photographic illustrations


I.B.M. British Ring Convention

BRIGHTON - SEPTEMBER 15th. to 19th inclusive.

Why not let's try to make this the very greatest Convention of all time in Great Britain. The man who really did so much to put the British Ring Conventions on the map, will this year be present again for the first time since before the War. Yes, The Great Levante has just arrived in this country from Australia. Give him a great welcome and book your reservations — NOW.

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