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I suppose fhe most important magical event of the year in Great Britain is the International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Convention, and this year it is being held in Edinburgh. Year by year it assumes an even greater importance in the world of magic and is attended by representatives of many foreign countries and the Colonies. I mentioned several of the visitors names last month, and I hear that Charles Wickes, of Australia, will be with us again this year.

The "Vampire" Gang Show will be there in fine fettle again this year, with a big display of Latest Items, assisted by Helen Andrews, who has had to miss the last two years owing to our last off-spring—who incidentally is now sixteen months old. Eddie Joseph and Sarah will also be with us, and I can tell you that Eddie has some real stunners up his sleeve, which he will release for the first time. Although I know you will imagine that I am only out to boost my own tricks, I have never before mentioned any of them in my editorial. There are, however, certain items in this issue that no magician should overlook.

Firstly the real miracle of visible magic is "Bewitched Beverage"—read the advert, carefully, for the liquid change to milk is wonderful . I know because I've worked it. Also Amac's "Educated Pencil" is back on the market again. This was a best selling pocket crick before the War, and I sold many hundreds of them during the early part of the War when I was manager of Hamley's Conjuring department. It is an extraordinary trick, and is quire mechanical. The making of it has involved tremendous expense in tooling up, but to a magician it is a gift at any price, let alone the very low price at which it is being offered. Also George Blake has the marketing arrangements for "4C" the Raymond Prediction Trick, and in spite of the fact rhat there have been so many prediction effects, this type of trick still scores very heavily with the audience, and I have the feeling that the simple subtlety employed here will remain a favourite long after many others are forgotten. Do not by the way confuse it with Eddie Joseph's brilljant "Thought Reflection", the effect and method of which are completely different.

Although it is extremely hot as I write these words. I am leaving tomorrow to travel to Liverpool, with Lenz, to give a demonstration of our Latest Exc.'usives at the invitation of the Mahatma Magical Society. I'll let you know next month how we got on, and by that time we shall probably have got over the "conventionitis". which attacks most conventioneers for a few days after the activities are finished.

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