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Clearing up and re-stocking after Xmas is always a real job of work for a magical dealer, and this year was certainly no exception. In spite of the dismal ones, we had a splendid season, and from rhe reports of those who have visited our Studio since Xmas, the shows have been not less plentiful than usual-

There is no doubt that Television is a two edged sword- Certain it is that some people giving children's parties will ler the little ones watch the screen from 5—6 p.m., not that this is a very safe way of entertaining them, for since the entertainment is graded, rhe offering on that particular day cannot please more than fifty per cent of the audience, the rest being either too young or too old to appreciate ir. Thus there will be a certain amount of unruly fidgeting which may prove uncontrollable. People who have had live entertainment before, will generally stick to this, bur the/ are growing more critical. There is a lot of good magic shown on T.V., and the very amateurish amateurs who set out to try their hand ar earning a fee before they are fully fledged may find themselves in hot water-

It is a great pity that there is not some recognised body capable of getting a Royal Charter authorising them to set an examination for a certain standard of efficiency in magical entertainment- If a magician could quote letters after his name as for example, a musician can quote "L.R.A.M.", people would soon get to recognise this, and not be so chary oi spending money on a show which after all, is more in the nature of a gambleIn to-day's Sunday paper, there is quoted the case of two entertainers, said to be "T.V. Artistes," who caused an obstruction in a street in Soho with their Song and Dance Act-

They claimed they did not wish to do it, but that T.V. shows were few and far between! Obviously anyone can ger together a bit of an act, and with a lot of perseverance and a little persuasion, they stand a chance of getting at least one short showing on T.V. That does not however, make them professionals, or through the much vaunted publicity of that medium, guarantee that agents will flock to their door-On the contrary, if any weary eyed agents may happen to be viewing at the particular time when they appear, and T.V. hours are long . -and the number of agems limited, you can rest assured that these case hardened critics will spot in an instant the uncertainty which invariably distinguishes rhe amateur from the professional, and a deep sigh will arise from them as they close their eyes and await more promising material-

What we intend to convey is that it is a waste of time supposing that this growing branch of entertaining is the be-all and end-all to professional success. Nothing will take the place of long and arduous experience, in showing your act, without any alteration, to all types and conditions of men, in all possible varying ci rcumstances.

We read constantly and with great sympathy of the illnesses of magicians and their families, particularly through the reports in the I.B.M- Budget. Some people are mostly names to us, as our customers, and some are real friends we have made through the universal brotherhood of magic. In particular we feel we would like to convey our deepest sympathy, firstly to Mrs. Helene Strachan on the passing of her so popular husband and good fellow "Chick", and more recently to Donald Crombie for the bereavement he has suffered in losing his beloved wife.


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