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The name of Martini must be known to everyone, though perhaps more famous in connection with drink than with magic. Martini himself, however, is popular both with his brother magicians and with his audiences, for he is a big man, both in size and personality. He radiates friendliness, and that, possibly, is his greatest secret of success.

Born of lowly parents, he ran away from home at the early age of thirteen and became apprenticed to the building trade. Later he entertained troops in France during the 191418 War. He was in the famous Scots Guards, wounded four times, but took advantage of his convalescence to practice sieight of hand.

Later he set up in business on his own as a builder, and this business having flourished considerably, he now has the wherewithal to indulge his favourite pastime.

Shortly before the last War, he started to specialise seriously in manipulation, and today his dexterity with cards, thimbles, billiard balls and so on, is first class. He has that intense love of his work, without which no one can hope to excel in this difficult branch of entertaining.

Apart from that, he has a big Chinese act, with authentic costumes, illusions, flowers, botanias, and much colourful apparatus. Under the guise of Wun Sli Wun, he presents his colourful show all round the area of Preston, Lancashire.

Martini has the honour of being President of the Preston Society of Magicians, and his great love is to take visiting magicians to his "den" to see his large collection of magic. Ali Bey, Joe Stuthard, Jay Palmer, Arthur Dowler, etc. are amongst some of those who have enjoyed his hospitality.

Besides collecting magic, he also collects antiques, curios, idols, etc. and has all these treasures adorning the walls of his home.

That he does very well with his act is evidenced by the fact that he performed no fewer than nineteen shows during the month of April and is well booked up in the future.

We feel sure that magicians will join with us in saying "Good Luck Mr. A. Smith", for this is Martini's real name.


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